Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scrapbooking 201: Using magic mesh

Magic Mesh ideas

•You can buy painters tape at the hardware store and it is just like magic mesh – only a lot cheaper. You get a big huge roll for just a couple of dollars. It is sticky on one side and usually only comes in white. If you are concerned with it being archival - be sure and test your brand with a Ph testing pen, or spray with archival mist.

•Sprinkle embossing powder on the mesh, because it is sticky some of the powder will stick to the mesh. Shake off excess embossing powder. With a heat gun, emboss the powder, you can repeat the process and get good solid coloring. It gives a beautiful look, especially if you use gold, silver or bronze.

•Don’t have the right color of mesh for your project? Take the plain white mesh and lay on a piece of scratch paper, it will temporarily stick. Take an ink pad in a color that works with your project and flip the ink pad over and rub it all over the mesh in all four directions. Then remove mesh and vola’ a new color of mesh.

•Also if you use the ink pad with mesh it, it can leave a great negative pattern, you will see this when you remove the mesh from your scratch paper, you will have a gorgeous grid pattern, or if using the circular mesh, great circular pattern.

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