Friday, March 14, 2008

Mini Album - "Stampbord" album


Stampbord Album kit: Club Scrap
Hole punch

The Stampbord kit from Club Scrap includes the stampbord, the tools, the pages for the album along with the binding pieces and tape.

1. Once you get your kit, it is very simple really. I used 4 colors of chalk inks in my project, light blue, dark blue, pink and purple. I just inked (using cotton balls) the entire stampbord in various spots with the various colors.
2. Then I used black ink and stamped my images.
3. Using the tool in the kit, I was able to very easily scrap away just a bit of the clay on the board, thus removing the color and leaving it white. If you remove too much you will see brown, which is the base from which the stampbord is created on. If you mess up an image or such, you can 'erase' the image using the steel wool included in the kit and start over. I basically removed bits and pieces just highlighting certain areas in the images.
4. Once your front and back stampbord is completed, you take one of the black binding pieces and bind with the binding tape for both pieces.
5. Now you stack the back, 5 pages, a binding piece, 5 more pages, etc until you reach the top.
6. Then you use the sheer ribbon in the kit to bind the whole album together, there are instructions in the kit to assist you with this step.

Good luck and have fun!!

Debbie Weller

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