Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mini Album - Graduated Paper Bag Book

Here is a fun twist on a paper bag book. I decided to take the paper bags and off set them by one inch, creating a "taller" version of a bag book.

Supply List:
6 paper bags (Club Scrap)
Distressed inks (Tim Holtz)
Water in spritzer
Waxed thread
Beading needle
Beads (Bistro Beads via Club Scrap)
Craft Iron
Hole punch
Bone folder

1. Crumple and ink 6 paper bags with distressed inks, spritz with water.
2. Iron bags dry and flat with craft iron.
3. Fold bags in half. (I glued the pages together, leaving the opening on the outer front side of each bag – but is optional depending on number of pages needed)
4. Take one paper bag and punch a hole ½ inch from the bottom along the fold mark, continue to punch holes up the seam of the bag at 1 inch marks. Repeat on all bags.
5. Cut front and back covers 6 inch x 11 ½ inch.
6. Using a bone folder, score a line 1 inch from one side of front and back cover and fold over, this will give a double strength of binding.
7. Punch holes following the same pattern, ½ inch from bottom then 1 inch apart and so on.
8. When you start stitching the seam, begin at the top front side of cover – leaving 4-5 inches or so of thread (you will tie off at the end and then bead with this extra).
9. Begin stitching the front cover, inside pages, and back cover together ensuring to add one bag at a time, giving a graduated look to the pages.
10. Be sure to add beads before proceeding with each set of stitches.
11. Once you get to the bottom, come around the back side and start back up the book to the top, adding beads as you go.
12. Once you end up at the top, tie off the two ends and add in extra fibers, then beads and tie off with a bell at the end.
13. Cut some tags for pages and stamp title – staple to add them onto the tags.
14. Embellish as desired.

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller

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