Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scrapbooking 201: Stenciling

Ideas for using Stencils

Stencils are all the rage right now. And it's no wonder. They are a fun and easy way to creatively embellish a page and can be used in such a variety of ways.

Several scrapbook manufacturers make stencils, including some wonderful products by
Chatterbox and Autumn Leaves to name just a few. You can also find blank stencils in a variety of sizes in the office supply section of many stores. You can also create your own stencils using various different fonts you can download for free off of the internet.

There is so many ways to decorate and use stencils:

1. Use for the title of your layout
2. Use to form a key word in your title
3. Use a single stencil for the first letter of a title
4. Use as an initial letter on a page to signify the name of the subject in the layout
5. Layer paper behind the open area of the stencil.
6. Layer ribbons behind the open area of the stencil
7. Rubberstamp on a piece of cardstock to place in the open area of the stencil
8. Staple short pieces of ribbon to it
9. Add brads
10. Add eyelets
11. Hang charms, tags, beads from it
12. Rubberstamp images or words on the stencil
13. Emboss edges of stencil.
14. Ink edges of stencil
15. Don’t throw out the negative part of the stencil, as it can be used as a stencil as well. Just place the stencil pieces onto a square piece of cardstock or pattern paper.
16. Create a shaker box.
17. Cover a blank stencil with pattern paper, fabric, magic mesh, or handmade paper.
18. Brayer using a rainbow ink pad.
19. Run through a xyron and cover with microbeads, gold leafing, glitter, or sand.
20. Paint with acrylic paints and crackle medium for a fun look
21. Wrap wire, ribbons, cording, tulle, DMC floss, waxed threads, fibers, or yarns around it.
22. Apply Ultra Thick Embossing (UTEE) powder, stamp onto it, then crack for a fun effect.
23. Use in a collage on an altered paint can, clip board, altoid tin, paper bag book, coin folder, etc.
24. Try adding to a greeting card as an embellishment; try using it on a gate fold card, or perhaps hinged with an opening to the inside of the card.

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller

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