Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scrapbooking 201: Shrink Plastic aka Shrinky Dinks

Shrink Plastic

Shrink plastic comes in a variety of colors now. The most common is clear, white, and black. Shrink plastic shrinks differently, so be sure and read your package to get an idea of how much it will shrink for you.

This is how I do it, I use the heat gun method, but you could use the oven.

Supply list

Shrink plastic
Heat gun or oven
Sand paper
Various rubberstamps
Various inks
Hole punch (optional)
Jump ring (optional)

1. Rubberstamp image using Stazon ink on the glossy side of the shrink plastic (or you can sand the glossy side and use other inks). Let dry.
2. Cut out image.
3. Color in image using chalks on unglossy side of plastic.
4. Punch hole now if you plan on putting on a jump ring. Add jump ring now.
5. Hold the plastic by the jump ring with the tweezers and use your heat gun. The plastic will curl all up and eventually lay back down. If it doesn’t go completely flat, you can use a flat surface (like a small wood block – back of wooden rubberstamp, etc) to quickly flatten it out. Let cool and you are done.

There is a number of fun things to do with Shrink plastic, here are just a few:

1. Rubberstamp on shrink plastic and then cut out the image or word. Shrink and it will
2. Cut tags and rubberstamp a different letter on each tag, shrink and make a cute title.
3. Great little accent for cards.
4. Make your own charms for shaker boxes
5. Makes fun jewelry.

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