Monday, March 3, 2008

Project Tutorial - "Greeting Card" box

Handmade "Greeting Card" Box

I created this little box to hold all the extra greeting cards I make and want to store at home. So my box is basically 5x5x3 but you can cut your cardstock to suit your own needs. If you need your box to be a little more stout, I would recommend adhering your cardstock to matboard first then following the steps below.

Supplies needed:

* 2 complementary colors of patterned cardstock
* Fiber
* Needle
* Tag
* Adhesive
* Scissors
* Trimmer
* Bone folder or scoring blade
* Zutter Bind-it-all binding machine (or you could improvise and use a hole punch)
* Matboard (optional)
* Modge Podge (optional)

1. Cut as follows:
Lid: Cut a piece of cardstock 5x12. Score cardstock at 3in, 8in, and 11in.
Base: Cut a piece of cardstock 5x11. Score cardstock at 3in and 8in.
Sides: Cut two pieces of cardstock 5x3.
(if you chooses to add matboard, cut pieces to fit box, and adhere it now using modge podge)

2. Adhere lid to base by over lapping the 1inch part of lid to bottom of box and adhering the 3 inch section of both lid and base together in the back of the box.

3. Using the Zutter Bind-it-all binding machine, and cut out the following:
Sides (both): on the 5x3 piece of cardstock – cut the two 3in sides and the 5in bottom
Lid/base (now that it is one piece): cut/punch holes in the 3in section where the lid/base were adhered together, the very bottom of the box, and the front base 3 inch section.

4. Take the threaded fiber on needle and stitch the box together. You will need to make the determination up front if you want to see the stitching on the outside or inside when you jump to the next set of holes or if you just want to tie off and start each section separately. I liked the look of the fiber on the outside, and went around the entire box, beginning and ending ‘inside’ the box and tied it off inside the box (see photo).

5. I then trimmed the lid to have a V point in the front of the box. The lid can stay outside the box and look nice or tucks in nicely into the box.

6. I also added some more fiber to a tag and adhered to the lid.

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller
a.k.a. DebDuzScrappin

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