Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mini Album - Flip Up Square Album

The sample I did up is just blank, but you could put photos, or make it into a greeting card of sorts. Might be a nice little gifts for Mother’s day or Father’s day, not too big, but big enough for a few pictures, and some journaling.


(2) mat boards 6 ¼ x 6 ¼
(2) Painted Desert red 8 ½ x 8 ½ pattern paper (to cover mat boards)
(2) Painted Desert green 6 x 6 pattern paper (inside cover)
(1) Painted Desert orange 12 x 12 pattern paper (fold up page)
(1) Painted Desert blue 1 x 12 paper (for closure)
(1) Painted Desert blue 1 x 6 paper (for closure)
Painted Desert cut out
Scraps for matting cut out
Paper flowers
Modge Podge


1. To create front and back covers, cover the two pieces of mat board with modge podge and red pattern paper. Let dry.
2. Adhere the green 6 x 6 sheets to the inside covers using modge podge. Let dry.
3. That the orange pattern paper, score a line top to bottom and left to right at the 6 inch mark.
4. Determine where the bottom of the orange paper is going to be, once determined, score 2 more lines, from the center to the upper right and upper left hand corners of the paper. Also cut a line from the center to the bottom of the whole piece.
5. Fold the card stock in half. Take a circle punch and place it in the very center of the cardstock on the fold, and punch a half circle. This will create a whole circle when you open it back up and lay it flat.
6. Now you need to trim off a ¼ in. from each side of the cut opening (at the bottom). Cut from the bottom border, up to the punched circle along the cut line. This allows room for attaching to the covers and still lay flat when opened.
7. Adhere using modge podge the bottom left corner of orange paper to the front cover, and the bottom right corner to the back corner. Let dry.
8. To close the album, fold on the score lines creating a mountain, valley, mountain pattern.
9. To create closure, you need a strip 1 inch wide and 13 inches long, since the cardstock is only 12 inches long, you need to piece two strips together. I stapled the two strips together for added strength. I then triple matted a cut out, embellished, and added to the closure.

Good luck and have fun!!

Debbie Weller

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