Sunday, April 9, 2017

Let's go out & just tell em we're Scrapbooking!!!!

Hey hey hey it's Spring!!!!
No more snow here .... Finally!!!
Course now that I said'll probably snow....

Soooo I am playing along with Wicked Wednesday's "Girly Girl" ATC challenge this week.

I just love this set of rubberstamps from Club Scrap 2011 Girl's Night Out set.  I love the saying - it's too funny!!  For the ATC, I stamped the image in black india ink, then I used my waterbrush and watercolor crayons and splattered watercolor onto the ATC card.  I also used the watercolor around the edge of the card.

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
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Friday, April 7, 2017

How to Organize your rubberstamp images!!!

Hello Blog Followers!!
Do you have a billion Club Scrap Rubberstamps like I do?????

So here is the backstory....I was trying to figure out a way to keep a list of my acrylic paints on my phone, so when I go shopping I stop buying the identical paints I already own.  Don't ask why...I am sure you can guess!!  Bwahahaha - so as I was searching for an app for this - I ran into people who were using a program to organize their rubberstamps....hummmm I have a lot of stamps...I might need this...and so I read on...yes this looks utterly amazing!  As some of you may know I have been in love with Club Scrap for many many moons and have a ginormous stack of rubberstamps.  You know stacks like this:

When I want a stamp, I have books like this:

I flip page by page through the books looking for what I need.  I currently have two 4" binders.  They are heavy and bulky and take up a ton of my valuable counter space in my scraproom.  I need to start a 3rd - but now that I have found this new program - guess what????  I don't have to start a new book AND best of all - I can get rid of (well not really - does anyone crafter really throw anything out???) the other 2 books.

So here's the deal - There is a program you can have on your phone and on your computer - they sync up and keep the identical information in both places.  You put a copy of your rubberstamp images into the program and add 'tags' - as many as tags as possible - so when you are looking for something - you type that tag or search word into the search box, and vola...all of the kits with that sort of image will pop up!!

So now I can update the program each month with the new images on my computer, and then when I am down in my scrapbook room and scrapbooking - I can do a search on my phone down in my scraproom - it is so freakin' awesome and way faster than my flipping through the books gig...I am so thrilled!!

So the program/APP name is "Evernote".  You can use it free.  There is limitations, but nothing too crazy.  You can upload photos and such up to 60mb each month.  It took me 3 months to upload all of my images.  I have photos and such back 10 years.  I am not quite done and I need to physically go through my stamps and make sure I am not missing any - but I basically have 10 years of images and have used a total of 110mb.  So I still have 10mb to use this month if needed.

In this section - you will see a small image of some of the stamps:

In this section - you can see the list of tags associated with the stamps:

In this section - you can see I have 2 notebooks - one for the rubberstamps, and one for my acrylic paint inventory:

Anyways I just had to share my awesome new find - Such a great way to organize all my awesome rubberstamp images!!!

The majority of the materials used in this project are from ClubScrap. TFL DebDuzScrappin
 photo Artistteambadge_rsz_zpsee8cbeff.jpg


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