Friday, March 14, 2008

Scrapbooking 201: Home-made Rub-on’s

Home-made Rub-on’s

These are cool and fun to make. Now they are not as snazzy as the ‘real’ ones, but they seem to work pretty well in a pinch.

Supply list:

-Ink Jet printer (not lazer jet)
-Acetate or Transparency sheets
-Popsicle stick or bone folder

1. Use your software to create your rub-on word or image.
2. Now you need to print it out backwards, so that when you transfer it back to your final paper, it will be printed out forwards. To do this, it will be different for all printers, but generally you go to >File >Print >Properties >Advanced and look for a “mirror” option. May take a little looking through all the tabs, but is hopefully there for you.
3. Now just print out your words onto the acetate. If you mess up – just run it under tap water and the ink will wash right off and you can try again.
4. Next – you can do this two different ways, try them both and see which you like better. You can either set the acetate aside and let it dry for 20 minutes and then proceed or just go right ahead and use it now, while wet. If wet, you just have to be real careful not to smear it when laying it down onto your layout. They seem to work equally well for me.
5. Once done, you can rinse your acetate under tap water and dry, reuse whenever you like.

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