Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Project Tutorial - Rubberstamped Glazed Tiles

Rubberstamped Glazed Tiles
Coasters, hot plates, and magnets

You can buy the glazed tiles in the following 3 sizes: 2in x 2in for magnets; 4in x 4in for coasters; or even 6in x 6in for a hot plate. If you buy the 2x2 ones at Home Depot – they come in a sheet of tiles, I think 6 each by 6 each, you have to cut them apart and trim off the adhesive. Note: these are the glazed or shiny tiles. Also when working with alcohol inks, be sure and seal them if you think you will be cleaning the item with windex, as that will wash the alcohol ink away. Most all rubberstamps in project shown are from Club Scrap.

Supplies needed:

Glazed tiles (Home Depot or the like)
Ranger’s Alcohol inks (come in bottles only not pads)
Ranger’s blending solution (optional)
Stazon Ink
Brilliance Ink
Various rubberstamps
Magnets (if making fridge magnets)
Cork or Felt feet/backing (if making the hot plate or coasters)
High quality Permanent glue
Polycrylic clear finish sealer

1. I used Ranger’s Alcohol inks. I put a small amount on a piece of felt attached by Velcro to the end of an old wooden rubberstamp. Now Tim Holtz said you could use anything you want like a cosmetic sponge, etc but with the felt you use less of the inks (making them last longer). I just picked my colors and put it on the felt (doesn’t take much, you can always add more) and then dabbed it all over the tiles. Then to lighten, I used Ranger’s blending solution and rubbed that around a little. Then I set aside to dry a bit. Now if you really wanna see this in action get Tim Holtz’s DVD “An Altered Journey” he makes a some great projects included using the alcohol inks. Now I just picked 2-3 inks like cranberry/raisin, espresso/eggplant, pesto/lettuce, or eggplant/cranberry. They dry very quickly – so easy to use and specifically used on glossy stuff like dominoes, tiles, metals – which to me are such a fun surface to work on…
2. Once dry I used Stazon Ink in black for the basic main image. Set aside to dry.
3. Once dry I used Brillance in platinum, gold, and copper to rubberstamp the word image and then ink all of the edges of the magnets, to sort of give them a framed look. You could also trim using a foil (copper, gold, silver) pen.
4. Now I think you can heat set this all with just a heat tool, but since I was making so many of them, I just piled them all in the oven, 300 degrees, for 30 minutes. They dried nicely. No smearing etc.
5. Seal with the spray fixative. Let dry
6. At this point you would either add the magnets or cork/felt feet. I used the roll of magnetic tape and cut two small strips for each magnet and peeled off the adhesive and used E6000 to adhere. I don’t think the adhesive that comes on the magnet with uphold. We did one at a SU party ages ago and within a week the magnet was on my floor. You can also you the round magnets if you prefer over the cut strips. I also used the E6000 with the felt feet just for added strength.

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller
a.k.a. DebDuzScrappin

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