Monday, March 17, 2008

Scrapabooking 201: Bottlecap Embellishments

Bottle caps

These are a fun new item on the market. When I first used a bottle cap – it was way too fat for my scrapbook. I have found a couple of ideas and tips that have helped make these more scrapbook friendly for me. I have not worked with ‘used’ bottle caps much so this applies to the brand new unused bottle caps:

1. You can buy lots of bottle caps for cheap from your local home brew shop or making even a distributor in the area. Of course, there are lots of places online to get them too as well as the actual scrapbook store (LSS). The home brew shops prices will be a lot cheaper than the LSS.
2. You can flatten your bottle caps completely flat using a regular old hammer and a very firm surface – like a concrete floor or cutting board. Keep in mind the bottle cap may leave little dimples in the cutting board, may even stick to the cutting board. You may want to put down a scrap piece of cardstock and then hammer the bottle cap flat.
3. You can half flatten your bottle caps by using a rubber mallet and a hard surface. Another way is to use your Sizzix machine with the new attachment for using Sizzlets, works like a charm. Make sure you have the attachment on correctly, I do recommend you put a scrap piece of cardstock on both sides of your bottle cap, so that you minimize the dimpling on the surface of your attachment and to keep the bottle cap from “sticking” into the cutting mat. It can be hard to pry out.
4. Once they are flattened, you can cut circles and create words, titles, accents, etc. If they are the half flattened ones, you can add some glossy accents and add some tiny beads or charms for a cool little accent.

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