Saturday, March 8, 2008

Scrapbooking 201: Foam Stamping

Foam Stamping

Oh do I ever love the new foam stamps coming out on the market. The fonts are big bold and beautiful!! There is a couple of different fonts by Making Memories and one by Lil Davis. There is also some decorative elements. You can also find lots of chunky stamps at the local craft stores.

Supplies needed:

Foam stamps
Acrylic paint
Foam paint brush

1. Squirt a little paint onto a paper plate or scratch piece of paper.
2. Use the foam paint brush to apply the paint to the foam stamp, try to only put the paint on the ‘face’ of the stamp, otherwise you may get too much paint on the stamp and it will be a muddled mess when you stamp.
3. Press the foam stamp onto your scrapbook page ensuring you don’t push too hard, but that you have pressed all the edges of the stamp getting the full image to take. If you do miss part of your letter, you can redo the stamp if you are careful.
4. As soon as you are done, wash the paint off of the brush and stamps. If you let it dry – it will be much more difficult to get the paint off and the brush will probably have to be thrown away.

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