Sunday, March 2, 2008

Creating Bottle Cap Embellishments

Supply List:
Bottle cap (Club Scrap)
Small decorative beads (Club Scrap)
Bottle cap word discs (Club Scrap)
Ultimate Crafter’s Pick Glue
Glossy Accents (Ranger Industries)

Tools needed:
Sizzix machine with Adapter
Heat gun

1. Take bottle cap and place teeth down onto a piece of cardstock. Slide cardstock and cap into sizzix machine
(with adapter in place) and press down. The reason for the cardstock – is so that it is easier to get your cap out,
otherwise it might dig into and stick to the sizzix mat.

2. If your bottle cap has a liner in it, we need to remove it. Hold edge of bottle cap with a pair of pliers and heat liner for about 10 seconds.

3. Working quickly take a pair of tweezers and scrap out the liner using the flat end of your tweezers. You may
have to reheat and repeat to remove all the debris. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as we will be covering it, but
you want to get the majority of it removed.

4. Now that the liner is removed, fill the bottle cap with a thin coat of Glossy Accents.

5. Carefully place a small cardstock disc with word into the bottle cap in the glossy accents, press into place. You
can also just create a word disc by punching a circle that fits inside the bottlecap and stamping a word as well.

6. Cover the disc with more glossy accents, covering image entirely.

7. Add various small beads carefully using twizzers.

8. The glossy accents will look cloudy until completely dries. It will dry clear, usually takes over night. Note: I have used other brands of similar product and the product has not always dried clear.

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