Sunday, March 9, 2008

Project Tutorial - Canvas – Glimmer Mist technique

This is a great wall hanging, would be a great gift idea for the grandparents!! or spouse!

Supplies needed:
(2) blank artist canvases 8x8
Glimmer Mist spray
Heat Gun

Using Glimmer mist on the canvases give just a slight glimpse of glimmer to them, it is difficult to see in a photo but turn out great in real life.

1. Choose 2-3 different Glimmer mist colors for your project. You need to shake up the glimmer mist bottles really good to get all of the goldish color that settles at the bottom of the bottles dispersed throughout the bottle. Continually shake in between spritzes. Hold the bottle about 6 inches from your canvas, and spritz about 3-5 times of one color of glimmer mist in a few spots around the canvas.

2. Use a heat gun and carefully dry the glimmer mist spots. You can just let it sit aside and dry but it will take a while.

3. Once dry, sprinz 3-5 times with another color and let dry.

4. Repeat one more time with 3rd color of mist and let dry.

5. Attach the two canvas frames together by stapling the ribbon to the back of the top of the first frame (on one side), run around to front and down to lower back side, staple to back, continue the ribbon down to the backside of the second frame and staple.

6. Repeat step 5 on the other side of both frames.

7. Add cardstock, photos, and embellishments as desired.

Alternate technique – you can also spray your glimmer mist onto the canvas and then use a paper towel and rub the color around in various areas – let it dry – then proceed with same technique in another color. This can give in a nice suede-type-look to the canvas.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial! Have fun!! Debbie Weller

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