Friday, March 7, 2008

Project Tutorial - Altered Paper Mache' Bodice

Altered Bodice: “Miss Ing Scrapping”

This is a fun project, just for a little something different. You can obtain the base bodice piece, wood topper, hand charms, and decorative trim from Club Stamp. You can easily use a candle stick holder for the base, you can find nice cheap ones at thrift stores, I picked my base up at Home Depot so it would match my top and stained the set with Tim Holtz’s Distressed Inks.

List of Supplies:

Paper Mache’ Bodice
Various acrylic paints
“hand” charms
Wood topper
Beaded Trim
Permanent glue
Various ink pads
Various rubberstamps
Other embellishments

1. Paint your body. Letting each coat dry before proceeding with additional coats.
2. Stain or paint the wood topper and base to match.
3. Rubberstamp images onto painted areas as you see fit.
4. I created her arms buy cutting a piece of wire and attaching to the ‘hand’ charm, then I added various beads. I finished off the end of the wire and poked a hole into the body to insert the arm and attached with adhesive.
5. I then added the twill and beaded trim to the base of the body.
6. I poked a hole in the head spot for the wood topper to go, and attached with glue.
7. I glued the whole body onto the wooden base.
8. Once all the glue was solid and dry, I decorated her with fibers and embellishments. I added a small camera on a chain around her neck. I also made her a necklace with scissors, molded her arms so that she could hold the photo album and pack of photos. I even scanned in some of scrapbook layouts and shrunk them down small enough to fit into the tiny photo album. All of these small embellishments I got at a Hobby Lobby in the doll house section.

Have fun!
Debbie Weller
A.K.A. DebDuzScrappin

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