Monday, March 10, 2008

Project Tutorial - "Planner" Box

"Planner" Altered Index Card Box


Pattern paper
File box (holds 5x8 index cards)
Modge Podge (MP)
Foam paint brush
Silk flowers
Crafter’s Pick glue
Foam stamps
Acrylic paint

1. Measure you file box and cut pattern paper to fit.
2. Apply a coat of MP to file box, add pattern paper. Hold paper firmly to box for a few seconds, while the MP sets up.
3. Once it sets up a few minutes, add another coat of MP over top of the paper. Let dry.
4. Repeat until the entire box is covered with pattern paper.
5. Using foam brush, paint acrylic paint onto the face of the foam stamps and stamp “Planner” on the front of the box. Using decorative foam stamps, stamp additional decorative images around the box.
6. Using a brad, create a layer silk flower and attach to box using crafter’s pick glue.
7. Use a 5in x 8in index card as a template to cut cardstock and create pages for inside the box.
8. I used MS Word (using word art) to create the “month” tabs, I created the words so that they would fit perfectly in my circle punch, and punched them out. I created two sets of each month, one for the front side of the card, and one for the backside. I then ran all the punched circles through my Xyron to make them sticky and added them to my cards.
9. On one side of my divider cards, I put a plain mat for a photo and then a decorative tag. On the other side I put a calendar. You can download different versions of calendars on Microsoft’s website under templates.
10. I then created two more cards for each month, one for “Birthdays/Anniversaries” and one for “To do list”. I still wanted lines on them, so I cut an original lined index card down to fit on the blue cardstock. I then embellished all of the cards with flowers and brads and such.

Other fun options: Try doing a “Card Keeper” box. You can create a side for the ‘months’ and one side by ‘type of card’ like birthdays, thank you’s, congratulations, anniversaries, blank, thinking of you, etc. Creating it with two sides, allows you to change your mind and/or give it as a gift where they can chose how they like to store their cards. If your box is large enough, you could do both.

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller

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