Friday, March 14, 2008

Mini Album - Squash Book

Squash Book

This creates a unique mini scrapbook. All rubberstamps used in this project are from Club Scrap (

Supplies needed:

(3) 5.5 in x 5.5 in pieces of cardstock
(2) 5.75 in x 5.75 in pieces of mat board
(2) 6in x 6 in pieces of pattern paper
(1) 5in x 5 in piece of Acetate/transparency or page protector
Modge Podge
Foam tape
Various inks
Various rubberstamps
Beads for shaker box

1. Take the three sheets of cardstock and fold in half (now you have a score line half way), open up and fold the opposite direction (now you have a 2nd score mark making and + in the center of the square).
2. Now make one corner to corner fold. So now you will have one score line from one corner to the other corner.
3. Repeat on other two sheets of cardstock.
4. Do any rubberstamping, inking, etc at this point. On the first square leave one corner blank, on the middle square decorate all 4 squares, and on the last square, leave one undecorated square.
5. Now take your three sheets and over lap the middle onto the first and third pieces covering the undecorated squares. Adhere together – I used glue tabs.
6. Now fold up the book. The triangle sections fold up or down. The first and third sections fold up and the middle section folds down. It is a little tricky, but once you get it, be sure and use a bone folder or Popsicle stick to make sure the creases are good, so that the book easily folds back to that shape.
7. Cover back side mat board with pattern paper and modge podge.
8. Put modge podge onto the back cover of the the book itself, add ribbon here if you intend on having a ribbon closure, and place in center of back mat board cover.
9. For shaker box front, I used an exacto knife and cut out a window. I then covered the mat board with the pattern paper and adhering with modge podge. Cut an X in the window to wrap the pattern paper down through the window and adhere to back side of mat board.
10. Adhere acetate down to window. Run strips of foam tape around window, making a small well for the seed beads. I did two strips to allow for more space in my window for bigger beads and such.
11. Add the beads, remove the backing of the foam tape, and adhere to your book front.
12. Be sure and let the modge podge dry before you play too much with the book. I place it under some heavy books to dry flat.
13. Now you should be able to tie it shut and vola’ a squash book. Now you can add photos, decorative papers, sentiments, etc.

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller
a.k.a. DebDuzScrappin

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