Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mini Album - 12x12 Fold out

12x12 fold-out album

Supply List:

Patterned paper (Club Scrap)
Decorative Chipboard (Club Scrap)
Ribbon (Club Scrap)
Stickers (Club Scrap)
Adirondack Ink pad (Ranger Industries)
Ultimate Crafter’s Pick Glue
Decoupage medium (Modge Podge)
Mat board (for covers)

Tools needed:
Scoring tool
Bone folder
Foam paint brush


1. Score lines at 2 inches and then at 7 inches going one direction, then rotate paper and score every 3 inches (3 inch, 6 inch, and 9 inch).

2. Fold on all score lines, use bone folder to re-inforce fold line, and unfold.

3. Ink all edges and fold lines.

4. To fold album closed, start by folding the top 2 inch flap down, then fold the
bottom 5 inch flap up.

5. Using bone folder, score cardstock along all edges of the matboard.

6. Fold on the score lines and reinforce folds using your bone folder.

7. Put a thin coat of modge podge onto flaps and fold over to adhere to the matboard. Hold in place until adhesive holds firmly.

8. Once you have both covers made, it is time to attach them. Starting with the front cover, put a thin coat of modge podge on the front page and center onto back side of front matboard cover. Press firmly to ensure a good hold.

9. On the back cover, paint a thin coat of modge podge onto the surface of the paper and attach a piece of ribbon. Now attach the back matboard cover. Hold all in place for a little while while the glue sets.

10. Once dry you can open back up and cut pieces to for the back (un-patterned) side of the cardstock, ink edges, and adhere with modge podge. You can also decorate with stickers, and stamped images.

11. Finish by tying closed and adding decorative chipboard pieces, adhere with Crafter’s Pick adhesive.

Good luck!!!

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