Thursday, March 6, 2008

Scrapbooking 201: Using Eyelets, How to

Using Eyelets

Supply List:
•Eyelet punch
•Eyelet setter
•Self healing mat

1.Once you decide where you want the eyelet to go. Place the project onto the self healing mat first off. Then take the eyelet punch and put it with the pointy side down upon the paper. Use the hammer and firmly tap the other end, don’t be shy, pound away, will probably need a couple of hits.

2.Once you have punched a hole completely thru the paper, get your eyelet and put it into the hole, leaving the decorative or smooth side of the eyelet on the top of the paper. Hold the eyelet in the hole and flip the paper and eyelet over while putting back onto the mat.

3.Take the eyelet setter, and place the end with the little poky point directly in the circle of the end of the back of the eyelet and tap with the hammer firmly until the eyelet curls under.

Note: You can also set one eyelet inside another eyelet if you have different sizes. So perhaps you could put a different color round eyelet inside a larger flower shaped eyelet.

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