Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Swimming in Snow...Mirror Mirror Cards...

Boy reading about all the icy conditions in the mid-western states almost makes me happier that I am 'swimming' in snow here in Montana!! When I say swimming - I watch my kids try to trek out to the play center in the back yard and because the snow is SO deep, they literally are "swimming" through the snow to get there.

I had to walk from my car to the school last night, as my youngest had not shown up oddly, and talk about a work out...geez I was sweating up a storm by the time I made it to the school and back...and the snow wasn't even as deep there - there was less drifting than in my own back yard!!

Ok off to work for me...here are a few cards from the Club Stamp Mirror Mirror GTG card set for viewing!! GTG stands for Greetings to Go, each month I receive a kit of card bases, mats, tags, and envelopes for 15 cards, this is just a sample of a few I made using this months kit along with some of the rubberstamps from Club Scrap.

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