Friday, January 16, 2009

Mini Album - Rainbow Gift Album for CS owners...

I made this very fun and bright album for the wonderful owners of Club Scrap – this album showcases the rainbow of colors that I have accumulated over the years from the various kits – I combined the different shades of each color family into a set of pages, added a photo of the an element of Club Scrap along with a poem for each set of pages. I think it just turned out wonderful, of course I am a huge fan of all the rainbow colors.

Supplies needed:

* Cardstock
* Flowers/leaves & Brads
* Ribbons & Fibers
* Crafters Pick adhesive
* Metal binder rings
* Ink
* Spray adhesive
* Hole punch
* Beads

1. First of all I wrote up the poems and then printed them out onto clear acrylic transparencies.
2. Photograph and print out photos for each set of pages.
3. I chose to do the color scheme as:
-Front & First two page layout: PINK
-Second two page layout: RED
-Third two page layout: ORANGE
-Fourth two page layout: YELLOW
-Fifth two page layout: GREEN
-Sixth two page layout: BLUE
-Seventh two page layout & back cover: PURPLE
4. I chose to do different pattern schemes – just sort of to add variety. So basically I did these patterns:

* Pink pages – torn vertical strips
* Red pages – sort of a graduated triangular pyramid pattern
* Orange pages – graduated circles out from lower right hand corner
* Yellow pages – 1 inch squares pattern
* Green pages – torn angled pattern
* Blue pages – multiple rectangular matting center out
* Purple pages – ran outta ideas – standard scrapbook page

5. The album graduates from the front cover of 6x6 out to 6x8 – this allows for all of the colors of the rainbow to show when the book is closed.
6. I inked all of the pages and added flowers and brads as embellishments.
7. I used spray adhesive or brads to secure the transparencies onto the pages.
8. Once the book was fully constructed, I punched 3 holes per page and bound the book with metal rings.
9. On the metal rings I tied multitudes of colors, textures, styles of ribbons, fibers, etc.
10. I also added a few strings of beads and charms to the binding.

Here is the journaling/poem in the album:

Front cover
Do you believe in rainbows,
with pots of gold at the end?
I certainly do. My pot of gold is where creativity freely flows,
and I’ve made irreplaceable friends.

Pink pages
It all began so innocently
one cool October day.
I had just got back from my mailbox.
Honestly, I really meant to do
my housework that day--
but I just couldn’t resist
the many treasures that lay within that
special crisp white pizza box.

Many years have gone by now,
my oh-so-precious boxes
stand so high and proud!
Each time I open a new kit,
it is just WOW!!
I definitely feel
like I’m floating on a cloud.

Red pages
Club Scrap immediately
introduced me to RubberStamping
thus opening up
a whole new world of art to me!!
The possibilities were endless in both
cardmaking and scrapbooking.
I love to experiment and
now a “scramper” I be!!

Orange pages
Pounds of paper,
some are large, some are small
more commonly referred to as POPS!!
These are the perfect addition for all.
In my book, they are the TOPS!!

Yellow pages
Some stamps come mounted
on wood and ready to use,
the rest come unmounted.
So simple to use, add glue, let dry,
cut out, and storage is a breeze!!

Green pages
To meet some other requests
Club Scrap adds something
new & fun!!
Fuzzy, furry, sparkly fibers
and yummy delicious ribbons
in just about every color
under the sun!!

Blue pages
Club Scrap kicks it up a notch
and adds even more!!
Shiny sparkly new embellishments,
Tiny buckets of beads galore
I just have to add these
gorgeous goodies
to my monthly shipments!!

Purple pages
I have found my true treasure,
it lies at the Club Scrap rainbows’
beginning and end!!
You are a wonderful company that is
honest and sincere,
and brings new, fresh, creative ideas
around every bend!!

I also have to mention,
that being a part of this family
is more than a pleasure,
I even feel that I can call
the owners, Tricia & Dinah,
My friends!
Back cover
Tricia, Thank you!
Dinah, Thank you!
Everyone at ClubScrap, Thank you!!
You bring me color, textures, and goodies,
You bring me inspiration and creativity,
You bring me joy and happiness
via a pizza box 3 times a month
and the BEST yearly retreat.
You are most definitely MY pot of gold
at the Rainbow’s end!!

Thank you for everything!!

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller
a.k.a. DebDuzScrappin

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