Saturday, January 24, 2009

Digital Hybrid - Acrylic album

Supplies needed:

* Thicker than standard acrylic (12x12) but not too thick (see note below)
* Cardstock
* Photos
* 3 zip ties
* Various fibers/Ribbons
* Various embellishments (stickers, cutouts, etc)
* adhesive
* Cropodile or Japanese hole punch
* Optional: spray adhesive or glossy accents, something that dries clear

1.Start by cutting the 12x12 sheet of acrylic sheet into (4) equal 6x6 sheets. There is one brand – can’t remember the name brand – that is real thick and you can’t cut it with your trimmer, the kind I used is cutable by a standard trimmer without too much difficulty. If there is a protective coating on your acrylic sheet – remove that now.

2. Using a large 6x6 photo for the front page gives a nice dramatic look. Embellish the initial photo with embellishments as desired.

3. Once the page is completed, you can adhere (using spray adhesive or glossy accents) the first piece of clear acrylic to that layout/photo or not, it is up to you. Having acrylic on the outside of the album over top of the first layout/photo will help protect the album.

4. You can add additional embellishments to the outside cover if you desire, especially if any adhesive shows through the acrylic.

5. Now you can flip your first page over and create another layout using cardstock, photos, and embellishments.

6. To create the two inside pages, you can print out photos of equal size and adhere them to the acrylic back to back, so that they appear to be “floating” on the page. Embellish as desired.

7. Finish up the last page, similar as to the first page so that the majority of the outside of the book is protected by the acrylic.

8. Using a cropodile, punch out 3 holes equal distance apart on all pages.

9. Put the pages in order, ensuring all are upright and such. Connect all the pages together using the zipties. BE SURE and leave a little space on the zipties, otherwise your album will not open and close easily.

10. Add ribbons and fibers to the zipties as a final embellishment.

The majority of the supplies used in the photo example above are from Club Scrap’s March 2008 “Avant Garde” kit.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!
Have fun!!
Debbie Weller

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