Monday, January 26, 2009

Digital Hybrid - Serving Tray

Digital "Photo" Serving Tray

Supplies needed:

* ClubScrapDigital digital kits
* Wood serving tray with acrylic base (these particular trays shown are from Home Depot’s kid clinic project)
* Paper trimmer
* Printer
* Adhesive
* Cardboard mat
* Nails/hammer or staple gun/staples
* Hanger (optional)

1. Create a new layout in your digital photo editing program, using whatever size dimensions of your tray.
2. Using this new layout size, create a fun photo layout.
3. Print out your layout either at home on printer, or upload and have printed professionally. You can just resize your canvas size to a common size that your professional lab can process like 10x12 – when they print it professionally, the extra space will just print out as white, and you can just trim the excess off.
4. Trim out your layout to perfectly fit into the opening underneath the tray – cutting it perfectly will keep it from slipping around..
5. Trim a piece of mat board just a smidge smaller than the ‘entire back’ dimensions, including those of the wood edges.
6. Now you need to either nail or staple this mat board to the wood to help protect the photo/layout. You could use wood in place of the mat board if you want it to be even more durable.
7. Add a hanger if you want to hang the tray on the wall.

Digital elements in these layouts are from Club Scrap:
Green pattern paper - “Refresh” digital kit.
Red pattern paper – “Wheels & Sprocket” digital kit
“You & Me” transparency – “Fizz” digital kit
If you do not have a clear back tray available – you could insert the digital layout into the wooden tray and cover with a piece of plexiglass. You’d probably want to put a layer of clear adhesive or caulking of sorts down around the entire piece of plexiglass to help keep ‘stuff’ out in the event the tray is actually used as a tray.

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller
a.k.a. DebDuzScrappin

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