Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Elves Album Recap 2008

This is our 2008 Holiday Elves album recap. I made two - a green (for youngest son) and a red version (for my eldest son) - they started out as a clear plastic 3x5 card holder, that I spiffy'd up using alcohol inks, metallics, ribbons and beads...

I picked up these two plastic cases at the Dollar Tree for a buck!! Then I started by dropping drops of alchol inks inside the plastic cover and spread it around, I used multiple colors along with some of the metallic alcohol inks.

I used my cropodile to punch holes around the front flap and then threaded the metallic ribbon through the holes and tied them at the top. I also punched holes on the sides and threaded waxed thread and beads and charms.

I also used stickles to write my kids names on the front each book - let me just tell you now - that doesn't work - the plastic is just too slippery or what have ya - cuz it wouldn't stay on there!!

Each accordion album included a bunch of the photos of our busy lil 'elves' that spend the month prior to Christmas visiting (and getting into things...almost as bad as our new lil kitty). I like to do a recap every year - it is fun to look back at all the fun things the elves are involved in each year.

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