Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back up and running....FINALLY!!!

Man getting a computer virus SUCKS...

I have spent three full days trying to eradicate the darn bug with NO I ended up just starting over...I tried to recover using the system tools with NO luck... fortunately I have a software program that automatically makes a copy of my machine weekly and I just restored to an earlier date and poof back up and running....and when I say poof - I mean a day later because that is about how long it takes to run the recovery... and that was a last resort... thankfully it worked and boy that program is worth every dime I paid. It is not the first time it has saved my fannie!!

Anyways in all that spare time I did manage to get some good stuff done - no wasting time surfin' without the machine!!

This was the fun project from Club Scrap's "Be Still" Stamp kit. It is a handstitched journal, each page is lined. It is a wonderful book.

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