Saturday, January 17, 2009

Digital-Hybrid - Coaster Brag Book

I created this brag book to bring along my latest favorite digital layouts on a trip to visit some friends. It was quick and easy, yet very cute.

Supplies needed:

* 12 digital layouts
* 6 cup coasters (I bought a box of 12 at the $1 store)
* Adhesive
* Scissors
* Zutter Bind-it-all binding machine (or you could improvise and use a hole punch)
* Metal binding for Zutter – just a 6 prong section (cut with wire cutters)
* Fibers & Ribbon

1. Print out your 12 layouts 4x4.

2. If you coaster is not square or have flat edges, flip 4x4 layouts over and trace around coaster with a pencil and then trim out to fit the coaster. Repeat for all layouts.

3. Adhere layouts to the coasters.

4. Put your coasters into the binding machine and cut/punch holes. In a 4 inch coaster – it will cut 6 holes.

5. Insert coasters into the metal binding and bind with machine.

6. Tie fibers and ribbons onto the metal binding.

Good luck and have fun!
Debbie Weller
a.k.a. DebDuzScrappin

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