Thursday, January 29, 2009

Folding Double Frame

Supplies needed:
-Kraft double frame kit (vendor??)
-Cardstock (Club Scrap Avant Garde Kit)
-Extacto knife
-Ribbon (Club Scrap Avant Garde Kit)

Embellishements (paperclips, stickers, cut outs, etc.)

The base of this project I pulled out of a kit that came with other papers and embellishements that were just too girly and cutesy for my boys and such. I can’t remember the name of the company who produced the kit.

1. Using the base of the project as my template, I traced around it onto cardstock and then trimmed out with scissors and exacto knife. There is small slits in the base that the ribbon runs through, so I used the knife to trim those out.
2. You will cover both the front and the back of the base using the same steps as step 1.
3. Ink all edges of the cardstock as desired and then adhere to the base.
4. Weave your ribbon through the holes leaving enough ribbon on each end to be able to tie the frames closed when all done. Adhere the ribbon behind the ribbon to the base.
5. Add photos and adhere to two front flaps (the ones with the openings for the photos) to the back of the base (the back of the frame.
6. Add any desired embellishments as desired.

Have fun!! Debbie Weller

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