Saturday, January 31, 2009

Digital Hybrid - Board Book

Use Digital Scrapbooking and create a Board Book

Well I thought I would try something new. I had tagged along on a fieldtrip with my son's class to the Chocolate Factory and got to ride the bus and take a bunch of photos. So after I got all the photos downloaded I decided I wanted to make a little board book for the teacher as a small thank you gift. I had seen where you could buy the blank board books, so I ordered a few and this is what developed.

I did a lot of trial and error on this project and here is a few things I did learn throughout the process:

*Do NOT dry to decoupage the pages onto the board book, they will warp horribly.
*Do NOT use liquid glue, even if specially designed for paper, it will leave 'bumps' of glue under your layout.
*You *can* use red line tape, but it uses a lot, and is very expensive.
*Spray adhesive is repositionable for awhile before it becomes permanent, very useful for this project. Make sure you buy a kind that is repositionable.
*Contact paper is somewhat repositionable, and very forgiving in this project, also makes the pages somewhat water resistant, especially nice when making a board book for a child.

-7in x 7in Blank board book: Oriental Trading Company
-Photo editing software
-Color printer
-plain paper
-Corner rounder
-Clear Contact paper
-Paper Trimmer
-Photo Mounter's Spray adhesive


1. Create (14) 7 in x 7 in digital scrapbook pages ensuring you have a front cover, and back cover using your photo editing software. Also create a title for the spine of the book.
2. Once you have all the pages created, print them out onto plain white paper.
3. Trim out all your pages leaving a half inch border.
4. Cut out 14 squares of contact paper about 8 in x 8 in. Carefully lay down the 7x7 layout onto the contact paper, working from one edge to the other, making sure to get no bubbles.
5. Using paper trimmer, trim out the 7x7 pages.
6. Take the spine piece first and apply a coat of spray adhesive. Attach to spine of book. Trim if needed.
7. You can use the corner rounder to round off corners as you put them into the book if desired, or trim with scissors around the corners.
8. Then attach the front and back covers. Once attached, run a 4x7 strip of contact paper centering over the spine and over the top of the front and back covers.
9. Attach all of the center pages.

Good luck and have fun!!

Debbie Weller

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