Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rubberstamping 101: Stamping Basics

Stamping - Basics

You can buy rubberstamps either mounted or unmounted. Mounted means that they have the rubber, some foam padding and a wood block. Unmounted means you get just the rubber and nothing else. See the unmounted tutorial for more information on using unmounted stamps.

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamp
Ink pad

These are the basic steps for stamping with rubber stamps:

1. Ink up the stamp, do this by lightly taping the ink pad until the image is covered with ink. For large stamps, flip the stamp over, rubber side up, place the ink pad directly onto the rubber and tap until covered.
2. Place the inked stamp down firmly on the paper or cardstock on a smooth flat surface, applying even pressure, do not rock the stamp (the edges my blur or smudge).

3. Lift the stamp straight off the paper surface.

4. Allow the stamped image to dry for a few minutes or do your embossing right away if preferred.

5. Now you can color in your image using colored markers, pencils, chalks, etc.

Another option is using color markers to color your rubberstamp rather than an ink pad. Now these dry a lot faster than the ink pad, so after you are done coloring it in, hold the rubberstamp up to your mouth and breath on it, the moisture from your breath will remoisten the colors, then proceed with stamping.

Foam Stamps
These are the basic steps for stamping with foam stamps:

1. Take foam stamp and use a paint brush to apply acrylic paint to *just* the face of the stamp. Try not to slop it over the side of the stamp, as it will make a messier impression of the stamp.

2. Carefully place your foam stamp down and press to ensure full coverage of paint, but do not rock the stamp.

3. Lift the stamp straight up.

4. Wash your stamps right away under running water, it is a whole lot easier than if you wait and they dry.

You can use foam stamps in ink pads as well - it just gives a more subtle look.

That's it...good luck!!
Debbie Weller

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