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Rubberstamping 101: Definitions of Terms, Glossary & Acronyms

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3-D Cards: Cards in which dimension is added by mounting the cutout image or item on the card or project with foam mounting tape.

Acetate - a clear plastic that can be stamped on or used as a window for shaker cards. If you want to emboss on it make sure it is Thermo Acetate (overhead projector sheets made for laser printers work well).

Acid Free -- In chemistry, materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher are acid-free. This term is sometimes used incorrectly as a synonym for alkaline or buffered.

Acid-free Papers: Papers that are free of acid at the time they are made with a pH between 7.0 and 9.0.

Acidity: State of a substance that contains acid.

Acid Migration: The transference of acid from something acidic to something else with less acid or neutral-pH.

Acrylic Paints: Water-soluble pigment paint with a plastic binder.

Adhesive -- There are both permanent and nonpermanent adhesive products. Permanent mounting supplies adhere photos and memorabilia permanently to page. Products such as photo splits, photo tape, glue pens, glue sticks, etc. Nonpermanent mounting supplies hold photos and memorabilia on page without adhesive applied directly to it. Examples are photo corners and photo sleeves.

Airbrush - tool with an air hose hooked up to a can of compressed air or a compressor. Color comes from markers or paints blown with air.

Album -- Blank book used to store photographs and scrapbook pages.

Almost Leather: Product from Co-Motion Rubber Stamps, Inc. that has the look and feel of real leather. It is a foam material on which you may stamp, paint, etc.

Anti-static pad: swipe or dab over your card to eliminate static and those tiny bits of embossing powder that needs to be brushed away.

Archival -- Term used to describe a product or technique used in preserving artifacts, photographs, memorabilia and other items.

Astrobrite paper: Heavy stock paper that is available in a bright array of colors. These colors are rather bold.

Basic Templates -- Templates in basic shapes, such as circles, squares, ovals, etc.

Berol Prismacolors- very soft colored pencils ideal for use with rubber stamps. They can cover stamped lines, giving a hand drawn look. The soft lead makes them great for blending and shading. The largest set is 120 pencils.

Blender pen: A special pen with clear blending ink. Allows you to blend colors together for a nice professional look. Ink can be embossed.

Blitzer: A tool that is used with markers to create an airbrush effect.

Bone Folder: Tool used to score cardstock, many made from bone or hard plastic.

Bookmark Card: A card on which there is a detachable bookmark. Excellent as a gift card.

Brayer: A soft rubber wheel roller with a handle, used for producing backgrounds and other techniques. It is like a paint roll with rubber. Run brayer directly on inkpad and then onto paper.

Border -- a horizontal, vertical or diagonal strip of decorated paper that enhances a layout

Brush Markers - markers with a long tip for coloring directly on stamps or for coloring in images.

Burnish: Polish to a glossy finish.

Calligraphy: Art of hand lettering.

Cardstock -- Thick, sturdy paper available in a variety of weights.

CAYA- (email shorthand) a come as you are swap. You sign up for the swap before knowing the theme. When the theme is announced, you're on your honor to use the stamps that you had on hand when you signed up for the swap.

CK OK (Creating Keepsakes Okay) -- Scrapbooking seal of approval. Items that have the CK OK are considered safe to use in scrapbooking.

CL - Crystal Lacquer

ColorBox - a popular type of pigment pad that has very wet ink so it is good for embossing. Their rainbow pads, paintbox pads, and petal point pads add a new look to your stamp art. Manufactured by Clearsnap in the US. 58 colors available in 280 varieties, including Cat's Eye and Option pads.

Colored Markers: Markers that come in a range of colors and are used to apply color to your image. Care must be taken that you do not leave the tip of the marker on the paper too long or color may bleed out from the image. You may also run the risk of making the paper weak in that area. Do not apply markers too heavily.
Only use water based markers directly on your rubber stamps.

Colored Pencils: Pencils that come in a range of colors and are used to apply color to your image.

Confetti: Sold in a wide range of shapes and mediums. Normally made of metallic material, in small shapes. Some of the most common confetti is stars, dots and squares. You can also purchase it in mixes by themes.

Corner Rounder - small trimmer that rounds corners of paper.

Corner-Edger Scissors -- Scissors that cut corners. Each pair of scissors creates four different types of corners.

Corrugated - paper that is rippled or ribbed (goes up and down).

Corrugated Paper -- Thick, wavy cardstock available in many colors.

Corrugator - tool that ripples paper.

Couching: Is a method by which newly formed sheets of wet paper are laid down after draining. Often felt or cloth is used. The felt or cloths are formed into a wet pad to absorb water. The newly formed sheet is placed on the wet felt. As each new sheet is added, so is a wet felt or cloth. The sheets of paper must be removed from the felt before they dry completely.

Coupon Book: A small book which is creating by making coupons on pieces of paper and then binding them into a book which may be given as a gift.

Crack-N-Peel: See also Sticker Paper.

Crop -- 1. To cut or trim a photograph. 2. A scrapbooking party hosted by an expert who shares techniques, products and information with the group.

Crystal Lacquer - a liquid that comes in colored and clear - when it is dry it enhances images by creating a raised glossy surface.

CS (Email shorthand) - cardstock

Cushion - padded part of stamp between the die and handle.

Deckle Edge: the feathery or rough edge of paper. It can be the result of the run-off of wet pulp or the tearing of paper.

Deckle Cutter- scissors that add a deckle look to paper. Deckle is the natural finish left by the frame on handmade paper. It shows off the paper fibers and looks nice when layered.

Die - cut rubber part of a stamp that is inked to make an impression.

Die-Cuts: Paper shapes which have been cut out either using an X-Acto knife, scissors or a die cut machine. Die-cuts can be used to layer, create a background, or to create an area of an image that stands out above the fold of a card.

De-acidification Spray -- Spray that neutralizes acid in newspaper clippings, certificates and other documents.

Decorative Scissors -- Scissors with a decorative pattern on the blade.

Die-Cut Designs -- Paper designs cut from die-cut machines. Paper is placed on the die and pressure is applied either by rolling or pressing down on the handle.

Dorsing: The use of dorso crayons on parchment or Pergamanio craft to add color to the reverse side of the work.

Double Stick Tape- mounting tape that is foam-backed and sticky on both sides, which comes in squares or on a roll.

Double-Mount -- To place a photograph on two background papers.

Double-Stick foam-backed Tape: Also called mounting tape. Sticky on both sides of the foam. Can be purchased in dots (small circles), squares or in a roll. Used to mount paper images or objects to your project. Has also been used for mounting in shaker cards.

Dry Embossing OR Debossing: Getting a raised paper image or a recessed one by laying your paper on top of a stencil that is on a light source and using a stylus to trace the stencil.

Dye Based Ink- Quick drying, water based ink which is permanent on paper.

Embellishment -- Any scrapbooking extra (stickers, die-cuts, punches, etc.) that enhance the pages.

Emboss -- To create a raised surface by applying heat or pressure. Also known as wet or dry embossing. Dry embossing involves using a stylus and metal template where wet embossing uses pigment ink, rubberstamps, embossing powder and an heat gun. See also Embossing

Embossing ink (AKA pigment ink) - A very wet, thick ink that can be clear or tinted. It is slow drying to allow time for the application of embossing powder. Used on a stamp pad and used with a rubber stamp and embossing powder.

Embossing Powder- a powder that is applied to wet ink of an image and then heated to create a raised edge. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including clear and pearl. It also comes in fine or detail, normal and enamel. Glitter can be mixed in as well as other very small particles like tiny confetti.

EP (Email shorthand) - embossing powder

Embossing: Techniques that are used to create a raised edge image on your card or project. The first method uses embossing powder which sticks to wet ink. The excess powder is removed and the image is heated until the powder melts using a heat gun, hot plate or 100 watt light bulb. The second method is sometimes called dry embossing and is the method of using a stencil and stylus to create the raised image. The stencil is placed beneath the paper. Once the stencil is position properly, the stylus is press into the paper along the inside edge of the image. When completed, the paper is lifted and turned over to display the raised image.

Embossing Tinsel: Embossing powder which contains metalic tinsel type confetti or particles.

Envy: Same and an envelope.

Fabric Paint: Permanent paints which are made specifically for painting on fabrics.

Fabrico Ink Pads - multi-purpose craft ink perfect for stamping on wood, paper, shrink art and, of course, fabric. Must be heat set.

Fabric Ink: Permanent inks which are made specifically for stamping on fabrics.

Faux: Not the real thing, but similar.

First Generation- the first stamp impression made after inking. Succeeding impressions are second, third, etc. when made without re-inking.

Fiskars - lightweight brand of hobby scissors available in all sorts of cutting patterns.

Foam Mounting Tape: See also Mounting Tape.

Foil Papers: Metallic foil papers that can be used for layering, creating backgrounds, paper folding, or lining of envelopes. They normally come in squares for origami or in rectangular sheets for stamping and paper crafts. Foil papers may also be purchased in the form of wrapping paper.

Foils - colored foils that can be applied to cards using glue. The result is a shiny raised image.

Fun Flock - used to add fuzzy spots to your work. Great for furry animals or fuzzy trees. Just glue on or mix with embossing powder and emboss.

- (email shorthand) great big grin

Gilding: Art of embellishing or artwork or fixing gold leaf to an object.

Glue Sticks: Glue that is sold in a stick format. There are many brands and it works well for attaching layering paper or cutouts.

Glitter: Shiny bits of metal fragments, available in many colors and grades.

Gocco Printer: Used to print your personal designs, calligraphy or text in a range of colors on a variety of surfaces.

Gold Leaf: Tiny bits of gold flakes that adhere to tacky surfaces.

Halo & Loop: A method of mounting stamps using Velcro instead of wood. The unmounted stamp image is placed on the loop or soft part of the Velcro. The halo or hard part of the Velcro is normally used on an acrylic block with grooves for the halo that allows the image to sit smoothly on the block.

Handmade Paper: Method of making paper by hand normally using a screen type device for the actual forming of the sheet of paper. Handmade paper can add texture and body to your card or work. Many handmade papers have inclusions of fibers, plants, confetti or any other desired items. Some of the most beautiful paper in the world is handmade.

Heat Embossing - see embossing

Heat Gun - hobby tool that resembles a hair dryer to melt embossing powder, but it gets very hot (up to 650° depending on the brand). Used for embossing or drying wet projects. A hair dryer will not work in place of the heat gun for embossing.

Huffing - "huffing" stamps means when you breathe on a stamp to re-wet the ink with your breath. Imagine that you are trying to fog up a window so that you can write your name on it with your finger. It works great with dye ink but not with pigments.

Index - picture on the mount that shows the design of the stamp.

Ink Pad: Felt or foam pads that contain ink. Your stamp is pressed on the pad or a brayer rolled over it to pick up ink.

The stamp or brayer is then applied to paper, leaving behind the ink in the shape of the stamp image or rolled over the paper by the brayer to create a background.

Kaleidacolor dye inkpads - each pad has a raised rainbow spectrum of five color bands. The pads are apart during storage and are slid together for use.

Journaling -- Any words you write in your book or on the scrapbook page, from titles and captions to long descriptions, poems or stories.

Journaling Templates -- Templates with space left for writing.

Kozo - Most common fiber used in Japanese papermaking is Kozo from the Mulberry tree. It creates strong paper with long fibers.

Kromecoat paper - A brand of paper that comes in cover-weight and is glossy on one side. Care must be taken when stamping on this type of paper to be sure you do not smear your ink. Works very well for embossing.

KWIM - (email shorthand) Know what I mean?

LA - Liquid Applique

Layering: A technique in which dimension is added to a project by layering work. Layering may be done with papers, foils, etc.

Layout -- The grouping of pages in your scrapbook that go together. Some layouts fit on one page, most fit on two and some are put on panoramic layouts.

Leaf: A very thin, fragile foil which is applied by using a tacky adhesive or double stick tape or sheets. It is sold in a range of colors and styles. It is easily found in craft stores in the section of wood crafts as well as in stamping sections.

Letter Templates -- Templates in the shape of letters of the alphabet.

Lignin -- A naturally occurring acid substance in wood that breaks down over time. Paper with lignin is not suitable for archival projects.

Liquid Applique - A paint that expands and “puffs up” on heating. Use to draw, write or add highlights to stamped images. After applying to paper heat immediately for a rough texture or wait overnight for a smoother puff look. Can be used on fabric or paper.

Liquid Pearls: A pearlescent 3D paint. You can add water and use like a paint too.

LOL - (email shorthand) lots of laughs or laughing out loud

Loop - See also Halo & Loop.

Lumieres - A permanent opaque pigment paint.

Magic Tape (AKA Miracle Tape or Super Tape) - is double sided sticky tape that can take the heat of embossing. Just lay down strips of tape, cover with embossing powder, foil, gildenglitz, Beedz or other products and heat.

Mail Art - Stamped or embellished postcards, envelopes or cards in clear envelopes which are mailed through the postal system, usually as part of an exchange.

Mask - A paper cutout of a stamped image. Cut out the image slightly inside the outer line.

Masking- The method of stamping an image and then covering it with a piece of paper in the exact same shape, then stamping the next image. The results are that there is no over stamping and you can create depth to your card or project using different stamp images. For block images, you may want to tear a piece of paper in the same type of shape to give the overstamping a fuzzy edge. This will make the image softer.

Memorabilia - Certificates, documents and other items that tell a story. Memorabilia can include souvenirs from trips and mementos from special occasions or historical events.

Metallic rub-ons: A metallic paint that can be rubbed onto your projects, for metallic highlighting.

Mini-Book - Tiny books which are created by binding small pieces of paper into pages and adding a front and back cover. Mini-books can also be made from shrink-art plastic.

Mizuhiki Cords - delicate cords make gorgeous metallic trims. They can be glued to the paper flat and side-by-side in various border designs or tied together for a bow.

Molded Paper - Paper that is made wet and then molded into a shape or image. Clay cookie molds are often used to create a molded paper image that is layered onto a card or used as a decoration that is hung.

Moldmade or Mouldmade Paper - Paper made by slowly rotating a cylinder mold. This process simulates the hand-papermaking process. The fibers are randomly intertwined and stronger than machine made papers.

Mortise Mask - A masking technique in which only the open area of the masking image is cut. This works well for bowls, windows, doors, boxes and handled baskets.

Mount - To adhere a photograph, embellishment or other item to another piece of paper.

Mounted stamp - traditional rubber stamp bought at the store in its finished form of rubber mounted on a wooden block.

Mulberry paper- Japanese paper made from Kozo. Paper which has long fibers that create a feathered look when torn available in various textures, weights, and colors. Excellent for layering.

Oil Pastels: Come in crayon, block or tubes. Easily applied and blended.

Origami - The Japanese art of folding paper into desired shapes and designs. These shapes and designs are almost always 3-D.

Oval Croppers/Cutters - Paper trimmers that cut paper and photographs into ovals.

Over Stamping - The technique of stamping images over part or all of previously stamped images to create a wash or ghosting of images. A wonderful technique for creating backgrounds.

Padding - A rubbery adhesive that is used to bind paper into notepads.

Paperclay - clay that can be shaped and stamped on then air dried or baked to make earrings, pins, magnets, plant marker or wall hanging.

Paint/Ink Eraser: A pencil or brush shaped tool with a rubber tip used to lift, rub off or erase excess paint or ink.

Page Protectors -- Plastic sheets that display and protect pages.

Page Toppers -- Hand-drawn illustrated phrases in bright colors meant to be used as titles at the top of pages.

Paper Crimper: A tool that contains two rollers between which paper is rolled. The results are crimped paper that can be corrugated or may have embossed shapes. The newest crimpers available have shapes such as stars.

Paper Edgers and Corner Tools: Scissor-like tools which allow for a decorative cut edge or corner on you paper.

Paper Punches: Hand held punches used to punch decorative shapes in paper.

Paper Sculpture: Sculpture created using paper. The paper can be formed by cutting, embossing, and molding.

Paper Trimmers -- Paper-cutting tools used by placing paper, lining it up on a grid and moving down a blade.

Paper: Comes in a range of colors, weights, textures and types.

Paper-casting: See also Molded Paper.

Pattern Paper -- Paper with designs repeated on the entire page.

Pearl Ex: A non-toxic pearlescent pigment powder. Mix with other mediums or rub over your stamped projects.

Perforating Needles: Tools used to punch or perforate holes in parchment for Pergamanio. Needles come with single needle to five needles.

Perforating Pad: Pad that is placed beneath the parchment when using the perforating needle tools in Pergamanio.

Pergamano: Sometimes call Parchment craft. Images or designs are traced on the rough side of the parchment paper. Embossing is done on the smooth side. The resulting work often appears almost lace-like on the edges.

Photo Corners -- Paper with adhesive on the back used to adhere photographs to a page on the corners. Used to adhere photos in scrapbooks and photo albums without applying adhesive directly to the photograph.

Photo Splits -- small pieces of double sided sticky tape that you peel off a strip and use for mounting photos, etc.

Pigment ink - Acid-free, non-toxic, fade-resistant, archival,, water-based ink. Thick and slow drying to allow for using with embossing powder. Must be embossed on glossy coat paper or it will not dry.

PolyShrink: a flexible plastic material that will shrink when heated. Works well in making pins and jewelry. It has also been used to create covers for mini books that can be worn as a pendant.

Pop-out Cards: Cards in which the image or item pops out when opened.

Pop-up Cards: Cards that have a image or item which pops up when opened.

Postcard: A flat piece of cardstock which has an image on one side and a message with the mailing address and postage stamp on the other side.

Prisma� Glitter: Art Glitter which comes in a variety of colors in medium to ultra fine grain. It is sprinkled over glue or other types of adhesive to make it stick to the medium.

Radiant Pearls: Brand of paints made by Angelwings.

Post-Bound Albums -- Albums that are held together with metal posts that run through the pages.

Pre-Embossed Paper -- Paper with a raised design. Some of it is thick, like cardstock, and some is vellum.

Punch - A tool used to create small shapes.

Punchies - The shapes created by a punch.

Raffia - raffia fibers are a great alternative to ribbons and bows for a country look.

Rainbow Ink Pads: Inkpads that come in multiple colors on a single pad. Works well for creating an image in a rainbow of colors or for creating backgrounds.

Rainbow pads - inkpads with three or more colors side by side for multicolor stamping.

RAK - Random Act of Kindness - for instance, sending a card or gift to someone for no reason. Sometimes they are sent anonymously. Another nice RAK is to pay the bridge toll for the car behind you, even though you don't know the owner.

Repetition: The repeating of an image over and over. This works well to create a garden from a single flower or a forest from a single tree or the heavens from a single star.

Reverse Image: An image that is the reverse of the stamp image. It is created by stamping your image on a plain rubber surface and then stamping that on the paper or project. Works well for creating a reflection in water or on a mirror.

Roller stamps - stamps on a wheel that let you make borders and wrapping paper. Some kinds have interchangeable pattern wheels and are self inking.

ROTFL - (email shorthand) rolling on the floor laughing

RR- Round Robin - all items are sent to the host/ess then are mailed out with a list of all participants. The person will receive the package, go through it, pick out some stuff, send it on and it goes around like that.

RS (Email list subject line tag) - Rubber stamp related

Rubber Stamp -- A detailed, intricate design cut out of rubber and mounted on wood or foam. A design is made by applying color to the rubber and imprinting on paper.

SB (Email shorthand) - secret buddy swap

Scoring tool: Tool used to score cardstock, many made from bone or hard plastic. Also referred to as bone folders.

Scoring: To break the surface fibers of cardstock or paper to allow for a nice neat precise folding of card without creases or buckling.

Scratchboard: Is a board that has a layer of black paint over a colorful rainbow background. Images may be scratched through the black paint to allow the rainbow of colors to show.

Shape Cutters -- Tools designed to cut shapes (ovals, circles, squares, etc.). The cutters can be adjusted to create different sizes of these shapes.

Shrink Plastic: Commercial grade plastic sheet you stamp on and color in, then pop into your oven, toaster-oven, or heat with your embossing tool to shrink your image/collage into a miniaturized version. See also PolyShrink.

Sparkles: See also Confetti.

Specialty Paper Books -- Books that contain information about different papers, both pattern paper and plain. Some may come with extras, such as templates.

Spiral-Bound Books -- Albums that are secured with a metal or plastic spiral binding running up the side of the album.

Sponging - technique of applying ink or paint to a medium with a sponge. Sponges come in a range of textures and types. Excellent for creating backgrounds or texture in an image.

SSS (Email list subject line tag) - secret stamper swap or Secret Stamping Sister

Stamp Pad: See also Ink Pad.

Stamp Positioner: A tool that is used to position a stamp in exactly the desired location. Works well when creating scenes using several different stamp images. Many of them look similar to a T-square but are normally made from acrylic.

Stencils: Come in brass, plastic or heavy cardstock. They are used to create shapes and images. The stencil has open or cut out areas through which color can be applied to create the image or a stylus can be used to create a raised image.

Stamping: The act of printing an image from a manufactured stamp to a chosen medium.

Sticker -- An adhesive decorative accent ranging in size from a few centimeters across to a full page.

Sticker Paper: Paper that is plain on one side for stamping and embellishing and is sticky on the other side. Crack-N-Peel is a popular brand.

Stippling - Using a big round brush, tap it into ink and tap onto paper. Technique of gentle hammering strokes with a brush on your medium. Excellent for creating backgrounds or applying color in large areas quickly.

Stylus - a stick with blunt rounded ends used to deboss paper. (Also known as a burnisher or a dry embossing tool). It comes in a few sizes and is used when embossing paper using a stencil.

Strap-Binding Albums -- Albums secured with plastic straps that run through a holder directly on the pages and keep the book in place.

SWAP- making cards, bookmarks, postcards, etc. It is up to the hostess. Also a theme is picked out for the swap. It is "correct" to send the hostess a card or small gift.

TAN (Email list subject line tag) - tangent (not RS related)

Tape Roller/Runner -- a device that distributes tape on the back of photographs and scrapbooking pages.

Template -- A stencil used to trace shapes onto scrapbook pages or photographs.

Tent Card: A simple card made from a piece of paper by folding it in half. The fold would be the top of the card.

Thermo Acetate -a clear plastic that can be stamped on or used as a window for shaker cards. Thermo acetate can take the heat of embossing.

Theme -- The overall emphasis of a page or scrapbook.

Theme Album -- A scrapbook devoted to one idea. Some popular them albums focus on birthdays, weddings and school days.

TIA (email shorthand) - Thanks in advance

Tinta Ink: Ink that is used in Pergamanio. It comes in white, gold and a range of colors.

Tooth: the surface texture of paper that grabs or holds the nib of the pen.

TOTW (Email list subject line tag) - topic of the week

TTPO- (email shorthand) Torture the Post Office or Tickle the Post Office. Sending unusual items through the mail unpackaged- like plastic soda bottles, a mini toilet plunger, etc.

Unmounted stamps - dies (the rubber part of a stamp) that have not been glued to a cushion and wood mount.

UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Powder): A large grain embossing powder. When melted the powder beads up creating a bumpy texture. Further layers smooth out once heated to create the appearance of a glazed tile.

Vellum - a lightweight transparent paper (real vellum is very different from what stampers call vellum -- real vellum is made from the skin of cows or other animals). It can be plain or designed.

VersaMark ink: Acid free, oil-based, non-toxic, clear ink. Creates a translucent ‘watermark’ on card. Also great ofr embossing ink or resist ink. A very versatile pad.

Wash: Using a wet watercolor brush to extend colors of the image.

Water Color Paint: Paint that is applied using water to spread or sometimes thin the colors. It comes in tubes, blocks and in the form of water color pencils.

Water Color Pencils: Pencils which are used to color an image and then a brush and water can be applied to achieve a water color wash or appearance.

Waterleaf Paper: Paper which has little or no sizing, such as blotter. It is very absorbent.

Wet Strength: The strength of the sheet of paper once it has been saturated with water.

WildFiber - Brand method of making paper. Made from a combinations of colored textiles, accents and a dry binder. Can be rolled out, molded or shaped. Once dry, it can be used as is or cut.

Wove Paper: Paper in which the surface is uniform and unlined in a smooth finish.

X-Acto Knife: A craft knife with a small sharp #11 blade used for cutting small intricate designs or details.

Xyron Machine -- also referred to as a Sticker maker. Cold laminate & sticker making system extremely useful tool. A machine that applies adhesive to pages, photos, pieces of paper, die cuts, punchies, and some models can also laminate and make magnets.



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