Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rubberstamping 101: Distressing paper by sponging on ink....


This is a fun and easy background to try. Try experimenting with all different kinds of sponges to create unique backgrounds or even feathered edges. There are a number of different sponges:

1. Cosmetic
2. Sea sponge
3. Kitchen sponge
4. Finger sponge or dauber

You can use them dry or wet, depending on the look you want. You can cut them into different shapes and sizes. Apply ink or pat on a stamp pad to pick up color and then dab onto the card or paper. Sponge over masks, around edges only, or over entire backgrounds. You can even sponge inside of a “reverse mask” or a stencil to create unique effects.

I love using the sponge dauber for edging, keeps my fingers nice and clean. You can also use them to color in images. I highly recommend keeping a separate sponge for each color family.

That's about it...good luck!
Debbie Weller

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