Friday, July 4, 2008

Rubberstamping 101: Stamp Storage

Wood mounted rubber stamps
Many folks have found that it is very helpful to organize their stamps into storage containers. Here are some ideas for possible storage:

1. Rubbermaid under the bed containers
2. Sturdy cardboard boxes
3. Clean pizza boxes (join ClubScrap -they mail your monthly kit in a pizza box, or try and sweet talk your favorite pizza place)
4. Plastic storage boxes with drawers
5. I personally use a large ziplock baggie with a cardboard or mat board cut to fit inside the bag, I put my stamps in there by topic and store in boxes and/or drawers.

Some folks have so many rubberstamps that they keep a database of their stamps with company name, value, and category and storage location.

Foam rubberstamps

This one I still don't have a perfect system for, right now I just keep them in pizza boxes, but I saw others use the plastic drawer system. One other idea I saw was spraying on spray adhesive onto a piece of cardboard, let dry and then stick the letters onto it - and stick that whole thing into a very large ziplock bag.

Unmounted Rubberstamps

I store my images in a 3 ring binder. I put a piece of cardstock inside a page protector (to make the page protector stay firm, otherwise when you get a bunch of stamps on it, it may bend). Then I stick my images to that page protector. So in looking at my 3-ring binder on the right hand side I have the rubber pieces, and on the left is an image of the rubber, so I can quickly glance at what I have. Other folks use CD cases (standard size not the ultra thin ones) for storing some of the unmounted rubber, it just sticks to the case itself. Then they store all the CD’s in a CD holder by theme or such.

Debbie Weller

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