Saturday, July 26, 2008

Card - Three Fold Window card

This is a fun little card for something unique. I love the pop up cards - they have such great character and depth. All materials used in this sample are from Club Scrap.

Supply List:
5 3/4 in x 10 in cardstock (cover)
5 1/2 in x 11 in cardstock (inside with folds)
Exacto knife
Scratch cardstock

1. Rubberstamp and ink edges of cover cardstock. Score in center at 5 inch mark. Embellish front as you see fit.
2. Score inside cardstock at 2 3/4 in from each edge. At first score line, mark out a rectangle approximately 1 inch wide and 2 inches tall centering the rectangle on the score line at approximately 1/4 inch from the bottom edge of card. Repeat another rectangle on the 3rd score line placing approx. 1/4 in from top edge of card.
3. On the middle score line, measure out a rectangle approx. 3.5x2.5in equal distance from top and bottom edges of card.
4. Use exacto knife and cut the top and bottom edges of all three rectangles.
5. Since I used patterned paper, I had to rubberstamp my sentiments onto scratch plain cardstock (be sure to score in the center) and adhere into the windows of the card. If you use plain cardstock to start with, you can mask off the windows and stamp all around them, then remove masking and stamp sentiments or images into the windows. I also suggest inking edges of windows to give more depth to them.
6. Time to fold the card. I folded the first and third windows out while the main score line folded towards the spine of the card. The middle window folds toward spine while the main score line folds out. Using a bone folder on score lines gives you a crisper fold.
7. Add ribbon to the edges of the cover - on the inside. Then attach the edges of the inside cardstock to the cover cardstock.

Have fun and good luck!
Debbie Weller

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