Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cards - Card holder

Card Keepsake Folder

On my sample, for the two center pages, I used two solid cardstocks, I rubberstamped numerous images on each triangular section, but you could easily use patterned paper instead to make the project go a little faster. For my sample, I created (2) 8.5 x 11 pages, but you could make this using 12 x 12 as any alternative option.

(2) 12 x 12 solid red cardstock
(2) 12 x 12 solid cream cardstock
(2) 8.5 x 11 black cardstock
Patterned cardstock (embellish cover)
Music kit Alphabet stickers
Wide black masking tape from Extra Extra kit
Black ink


1. Start by taking the 4 solid sheets of 12 x12 cardstock and trimming down to 8.5 x 12, repeat on all sheets.
2. Now cut each of those sheets in half, making them 8.5 x 6, you will end up with 8 of them.
3. Take each one of those and cut from corner to corner, creating 16 right angle triangles. NOTE: If using a pattern paper that you cut the triangle in the correct direction, so that the pattern will be the correct side showing.
4. Rubberstamp images onto the triangles, and ink edges.
5. Start the pattern, by placing a cream color triangle in the upper left hand corner, adhering just the left side of the triangle and tip on the right side of the triangle.
6. Next place a red color triangle opposite direction, over top of the cream triangle, adhering just the sides once again.
7. Take another cream triangle and place approximately 1 3/4th down from the first cream triangle, adhere. Repeat with red, cream, red, etc.
8. When you get to the last triangle you can adhere at the bottom as well.
9. Repeat doing just the opposite placement of colored cardstock, so cream on left side, red on right side.
10. When complete, lay them side by side, determine which side will be your left side, flip it over, this will be the “front” of your card keeper. Decorate with patterned cardstock, stickers, etc. NOTE: Be sure to decorate it as such that you leave a border all around it for adhering the folder together with the masking tape. You may also, at this point, decorate the back if desired.
11. Once the front is embellished, flip back over and lay the two insides, side by side. Start the masking tape a little above the top of the folder, tape down the center carefully, flip the whole thing over carefully, tape the backside. Fold over the flap at the top and finish it off.
12. Tape the outside edges of the entire folder as well, this will keep all of the contents nice and neatly inside the folder.

Good luck and have fun!!
Debbie Weller

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