Thursday, July 24, 2008

Card - "Box" Card

This is a great little box card for something unique. My kids and I created a couple of these at Easter, we filled them up with little chocolates, tied with a bow, and gave to friends as gifts. All materials used in this sample are from Club Scrap.

Supply List:
7.5 in x 7.5 in cardstock (for bottom/base of card)
4 in x 4 in cardstock (for top/lid of card)
Bone folder
Glue dots

Base/Bottom instructions:
1. Once you have the score lines (as specified in diagram above), determine which side you want the inside bottom of card to be. Rubberstamp your sentiment in this square. Mask off sentiment and rubberstamp various images around rest of card. Ink edges of cardstock. Flip and rubberstamp if desired as well.
2. Trim off corners.
3. Fold in corners.

Top/Lid instructions:
1. Take your 4x4 in cardstock for lid and rubberstamp now if desired.
2. Score on each side at 3/4th's an inch.
3. Cut on four lines as specified in diagram. Fold flaps under and adhere.
4. If you want to add ribbon just to the lid, do that now. I used tape and tape one end under the bottom of the lid, wrapped it around too the other side under the lid, and taped. Repeat in opposite direction. I then tied a bow and adhered on top with glue dot.

Here is another one I did and incorporated some photos….

Have fun and good luck!
Debbie Weller


  1. OK, Deb, I printed out the instructions and I'm going to make some of these. I will definitely give you credit for this pattern. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank Lynn - I love this lil box!!



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