Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rubberstamping 101: Shaving Cream background technique...

Shaving Cream Background

Supplies List:
Cheap shaving cream
Cookie Sheet
Knife or Spatula
Wooden stick or spoon (for stirring in paint or ink)
Metal edged ruler

1. Squirt some cheap shaving cream onto a cookie sheet in a rectangle as large as your card.
2. Smooth the shaving cream flat kinda like frosting a cake with a knife or spatula.
3. Dot the shaving cream with acrylic paints or reinkers, using up to three colors
4. With the handle of a large paintbrush or wooden spoon, swirl the paint together. This may take a little practice. If you swirl not enough there's not going to be a lot of design on your paper; if you swirl too much the colors will get all muddy.
5. Lay the paper on top of the shaving cream and press down a little to be sure the entire card surface makes contact with the shaving cream.
6. Pick up the paper from one edge and slowly lift. Note: a lot of the shaving cream will come with the paper, that is ok.
7. Lay paper on newspaper and take a metal edge ruler (or spatula). Start on one corner of the paper and scrap the shaving cream off, sweeping the ruler across the cardstock to the opposite corner. Try to do this in one sweeping motion, if you stop in the middle, you may get some extra unwanted lines.
8. Let paper dry and use to layer, or stamp on.

That's about it...good luck!
Debbie Weller

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