Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Project Tutorial - Altered Wooden game pieces

Wooden Micro-book

This is the cutest little itty bitty book. My friend gave me a whole bag of these little wooden discs she had from some game (I think called Bottle Topps, there was a large wooden bottle and a ton of these little wooden discs, you apparently stack on the wooden bottle) and she just knew I could create something with them. This is my first attempt with them. Most all materials used in these projects are from Club Scrap.

Supply List:
(2) Wooden discs
Brown ink
Cut outs/stickers
glue dots
Various circle & square punches

1. Take brown ink and ink the wooden discs.
2. Circle punch 1 1/2 inch circles. You will need an odd number of pages. I cut 6, to make a 3 page book.
3. Square punch out 3/4 in squares. These will be the hinges in the book.
4. Put the book together by place the square punch like a triangle between two circles. Trim the circle up to the square. This will allow the circles to actually open and close up, otherwise they won't. Repeat until you have a chain of these then length you desire. On the beginning and ending circle, you do not need to trim anything.
5. Now you can decide at this point if you want to do an accordian book or a regular book, I did a regular book for this first project. I ran the ribbon around the back of the book and adhered in between the first and last circles and the wooden discs. This will allow you to tie from the edge of the book. If you want to do an accordion - I would adhere the ribbon to just the backside disc only (so you could tie it in front, holding the whole book together).
6. Cut (2) 1 1/4 in circles for front and back covers.
7. Embellish pages as desired.

Here is another version I made doing the accordion method. This one is much harder to tie, so keep that in mind if you plan on making this kind.

Have fun and good luck!
Debbie Weller

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