Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jewelry - "Paper Beads" Necklace

Club Scrap’s Bead Stamp from Outdoors kit
Various regular beads
Modge Podge
Crimp beads, clasps

This is a fun little project.
1. Using the template from the “Outdoors” kit, cut out some strips of paper.
2. Rubberstamp images onto paper strips.
3. Using a skewer, roll up your paper strips onto it and adhere closed using modge podge. Let dry.
4. Cover entire paper bead with modge podge, let dry. This will give the bead a layer of protection and provides a great glossy look to your beads.
5. String your paper beads alternating with regular beads onto wire and finish off ends with clasps.

Have fun!! Deb

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