Sunday, February 17, 2008

Project Tutorial - Altered Nut Can - Clock

This is a fun project, I used an old nut can I had laying around the house, but you could easily stop by Home Depot and pick up a new paint for just a couple of bucks, they have 2 different sizes. On my particular can, I added a working clock, which I got in my monthly kit from Club Stamp. All rubberstamps and paper are from Club Stamp on this project.

List of Supplies:

Red line tape
Fabric scraps or ribbons
Various ink pads
Various rubberstamps

1. Now on my particular can, I added the clock. If you decide to do a clock, make sure and get a fairly fat can, mine was pretty narrow and it was difficult to fit my clock in, and had to sort of bend the can a bit to get it to fit. I definitely recommend the large paint can from Home Depot instead. I had hubby drill me a hold to fit the clock mechanism through. I decorated the can as follows and then lastly inserted the clock mechanism.
2. Measure your can and cut paper to fit perfectly around the can and overlap at any seam but oh a ½” or so.
3. Rubberstamp images in various colors all over the background paper.
4. I prefer two or three different colors of paper to help break up and give character to my project. Attached finished papers to the can using the red line tape. I tried other adhesives and this one seemed to really hold for me.
5. If your can doesn’t have a handle and you want one, get some heavy duty wire and attach to your can. I did this and added a few beads at each end.
6. Cut color coordinated fabric scraps (or ribbons) into 3-4 in x 1 in pieces. Tie onto the handle, alternating colors.
7. You can also embellish can with beaded trim. Mine with the clock didn’t allow for enough space for the trim.

Have fun!
Debbie Weller
A.K.A. DebDuzScrappin

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