Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paint Can ideas

Paint Can Ideas

A Day At The Beach” Paint Can Fillers, decorate with sea shells

plastic shovel/racks

toy boats

little toy sea animals

Stuffed animal

Sea Animal trinket

Small baggie of sand

“Animal Lover”, fill with items pertaining to the recipient's favorite animal.


Pet treats

Pet toy

Pet outfit (if appropriate)

Perhaps if you have a rubberstamp of animal – you could create notepad, cards, post-its, etc with stamp.

Baker's” Paint Can Fillers

Mini album with your favorite recipes

Pre-measured ingredients for enclosed recipes

Pack of blank recipes cards

Mixing spoon

Bottle of Vanilla

Various spices

“College Bound” Paint Can fillers


Reminder: you can start each day with a clean slate


To remind you not to be a "sucker", be yourself


For when you feel you are drowning in information

Hersheys Kisses

To remind you that I am always here with a Hug & Kiss

Sweet & Sour Candy

To help you accept and appreciate the differences in others

Tootsie Roll

To help you roll with the punches


To remind you it's better to sometimes button your lips


To give you that burst of energy


For when things get a little rough

Carefree Gum

Remember to have fun


To "Write" your wrongs


To help stretch yourself beyond the limits


To help you lick your problems


So that you always have enough "cents" to realize what a GREAT person you are

Father's Day”



Favorite book/Magazine

Guy movie on DVD

Gift Certificate to hardware store

Car air freshener


Mini album filled with photos


“Friends” Paint Can survival kit fillers


To remind you that a family that sticks together stays together


To let you know that even if we haven't talked today - you have already "popped" into my thoughts

Jolly Rancher

For the times I can't be there with you to make you smile

Peppermint Patty

Just in case I can't be there to give you a "pat" on the back- this will have to do!

Puzzle Piece

Don't ever forget you are an important piece of my life


So we will always have the money to go shopping

Sweet & Sour Candy

To remind you that we are individuals and should celebrate our differences


For the time that you feel you will burst if you don't share your secret with me

Nail File

For all of the times you've smoothed things over so that I wouldn't get in trouble


For the "gobs" of trouble we have gotten into over the years

Tootsie Roll

For all the times we've let the good times "roll";

Gardener's” Paint Can Fillers, decorated with flowers

packets of seeds

garden hand tools


plant markers

small terra cotta pot with plant starter

“Get Well” or “Under the Weather” Paint Can fillers

Joke Book

Laughter is the best medicine

Cotton Ball

To soften where it hurts


To keep you bouncing back


For when you're needing that burst of energy


To keep you rolling on the road to recovery


To remind you that we are here for you

“Going into Labor” Paint Can Fillers

lavender filled eye mask

lavender candle


slipper socks

disposable camera

hair scrunchies

cute hospital gown

Nice ‘nursing’ nightgown

massage oil

hard candies


a robe

Calming Music CD

“Herbal Tea Time” Paint Can Fillers, decorate with honey dipper and ribbons

Various Herbal teas

jar of honey

homemade jams or jellies

Crackers or bread

a copy of recipe

Housewarming” Paint Can Fillers

Mini album with your favorite recipes

Photo Frame

Small indoor plant

Hand towels

Favorite Family DVD

Deck of Cards/game

Scented candles

Bag of chocolates

Microwave popcorn

“Love You” or Valentine’s Day Paint Can Survival Kit fillers

Jolly Rancher

For all the times you make me laugh

Sweet Escapes

For the special times we spend alone

Nestle Treasures

I treasure every minute with you

100,000 Bar

You are worth more than a grand to me


For the rainbow of colors you bring to my life

Cotton Ball

To help soften the rough times


Because you keep popping into my thoughts


You always encourage me to reach for the stars

Puzzle Piece

I'm not complete without you

“Lovers'” Paint can fillers

Scented candles

DVD with romantic music

Bottle of wine, champagne, or sparkling juice

Two wine glasses

Bottle of massage oil

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Romantic movie

Fine chocolates

“Mid-Life Crisis” Paint Can Survival Kit fillers


to help you get started on your retirement fund


to hold all of the hot air you're full of


to help you remember all of the things you "mint" to do

Magnifying Glass

since everything now seems to be written in "Fine Print"

Paper Clip

to hold it all together

Toy Car

to help you overcome that urge to buy a RED Convertible Corvette!

Mother's Day”, decorate with silk flowers that are her favorite.

bath oil

Click flick on DVD

gift certificate to her hair salon


new cozy slippers

favorite books or magazines

body wash

favorite chocolates/goodies

Mini photo album filled with photos

Movie Theme” Paint Can Fillers

Can of Soda

Theatre size bag of candy

Microwave popcorn

DVD of family flick

“New Baby” Paint Can Fillers, decorate with rattle/baby blocks

travel size baby wipes

a bib

A boo boo bunny


a night light

a small powder

receiving blankets

newborn diapers

baby lotion

a teething ring

diaper rash ointment


Travel size changing pads

Small toys

Classical music CD for kids

“New Dad” Paint Can Fillers

muslin tool belt found at a hardware store

New born diapers

Travel container of wipes

diaper rash ointment

a pacifier

a clothes pin


rubber gloves

eye protection

“New Dad” t-shirt

Face mask

New Mom” Paint Can Fillers

Large bottle of Motrin

Photo frame or album

CD of calming music

Bubble bath

Hand cream/Lotion


Restaurant Gift Certificate

Coupon for “Free babysitting”

“Over-the-Hill” Survival Kit Paint Can fillers

Baby Food

to help you adjust to softer foods

Magnifying Glass

a necessity for reading


3 legs are better than 2


for all of your new little aches & pains

Blue M&M's or Skittles

Generic Viagra

Starburst Candy

You've got to get energy from somewhere!


to help prop your eyes open so you don't fall asleep every time you sit down

Small Box of Bran Flakes

to keep you regular

"While You were Napping" Post it notes

so you don't miss any messages


to call for help when "you've fallen and can't get up"

"Pamper Me" Bath Paint Can Fillers

bath salts


loofah sponge

bath mitt

scented candle

"Pampering, Do Not Disturb" sign for doorknob

“PMS Survival Kit” Paint Can fillers

Attach the following saying to a bag of M&M's.

M&M's and more M&M's. Each color is a different cure, of this fact we are sure. When you're feeling grouchy and mean, we recommend the green. For times when you're feeling down, the best choice is always brown. The ache in your head is cured by the red. To help you be mellow, take a dose of the yellow. If agitated too, eat a handful of blue. If you whole life's a drag, just eat the whole bag. Should weight gain be included as part of a warning? Forget that! You can start your diet Monday morning.

“Secretary” Paint Can Survival Kit fillers

Magic Wand

For all of the miracles you're expected to perform


For when you're at the end of yours


For all of your "whiners"


For those you have to "spoon feed"


To hand to your "cry babies"

“Teacher” Paint Can Fillers

fun pencils



Post-It notepads

Award pads

Personalized notecards

Coffee cup



Personalized pencils

Decorate the can with a "school" theme - instead of ribbon around the rim, glue on a row of pink erasers, alternating with some cute large plastic clips.

Alternate Option: Rubberstamp notecards, pen, post-its, scented candle all in the same theme.

“Teacher” Paint Can Survival kit fillers

Pack of Sugar

To remind you of how sweet you are

Permanent Marker

Thank you for leaving a lasting impression


To let you know that you are a shining star


A reminder that a good education can never be erased


To fix hurt feelings

Bath Salts

"To take you away"


For when you are up late grading papers

Ear Plugs

When you just can't take anymore


To replace the ones you've lost


To hold it all together


To remind you to be flexible

Puzzle Piece

Without you, the class wouldn't be complete


To remind you that you are forming your peoples lives


To help you pick out the good qualities in your students

Sweet & Sour Candy

To help you accept and appreciate the differences in your students

The Ultimate Chocolate” Paint Can Fillers

chocolate truffles

German chocolate brownies

chocolate covered pretzels

chocolate syrup

pkg. of snickers bars

Chocolate cooking book

3 different types of fudge

chocolate cookies

Baking Chocolate

yoo-hoo drink

triple fudge brownies

Box of chocolate pudding

“Tough Times” Sponge Kit

Give a sponge and attach the following message:

When in doubt, pull the sponge out to:

*Wipe away those little and big messes we get ourselves into.

*Dab off the perspiration from our brow when the heat is on.

*Wring when a neck is not readily available.

* Toss against the wall should the need to have a temper tantrum arise.

*Rest head on when a short nap is in order.

*Use to pick at instead of pulling out your hair.

*Tear in half and give to friend (coworker) in need should it become necessary.

“Waitress” Paint Can Survivor kit fillers

Mounds Bar

For the amount of walking that you do

Puzzle Piece

To remind you that the restaurant wouldn't be complete without you

Tootsie Roll

To help the complaints "roll" off your back


To replace the ones you've lost


To help you lick your problems


To remind you that sometimes it's best just to button your lip


For the tip you didn't get


To soak up all of the spills

Ear plugs

For when the customers get too loud

Bouncy ball

To keep you bouncing back


For that burst of energy at the end of your shift

Sweet & Sour Candy

As a reminder of the differences in people gives spice to our lives

Smiley Face

To replace all the smiles you give away

Have fun!
Debbie Weller
A.K.A. DebDuzScrappin

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