Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"St. Patty's Day" Rainbow Cake...

So my dear goooood friend, Angie, sent me a link for making a RAINBOW cake - and if you know me - I am a total Rainbow TieDye maniac....the minute I saw the photo of this cake - I HAD to make it!! I didn't even finish the email from Angie - I got right up and got the ingredients together...then....

I told them boys of mine to come inside, we were baking a cake...

Great time to practice those measurements and do a tiny math lesson for them as well as bake this snazzy cake.

I decided it would be a St. Patty's day cake - since it is a rainbow cake - what could be better than the pot o gold at the end of the rainbow!!

I did modify the instructions since I wasn't going for low-fat, I won't be eating it and I did want it taste good. So I just used a regular 'white' cake mix following the packaging instructions. I just didn't think I wanted a soda in my cake - too traditional I guess.

Now I didn't believe it when she said one box wasn't enough, but she was right - I got 6 cupcakes and one small 9 inch cake.

Here is the link to the instructions to make this cake.

If I were to make this again - I would go with just SIX colors - not 7 and skip the purple - it really faded and didn't look that good at all.

The cake tastes fantastic - but it really is hard to go wrong with Betty Crocker!!

I think this would be a fantastically fun treat for school or a party - I think kids would get a real kick outta them - they are soooo pretty!! I was hoping to take it to work - but that lil cake is just too little for all them big burley guys at work...maybe next time!!

Thanks for looking - Debbie Weller

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