Friday, March 27, 2009

Card - Technique-Stravaganza

Oh oh oh am I ever thrilled it is Friday again....course I have soooo much on my plate. I just got the 2nd book in the Twilight series and have ZERO time to read it...why you ask? ohhh because I was handed our schools' yearbook project yesterday and I have to create - I think - 12 different collaged (digitally done) pages and there is hoards of photos that have to be carefully mushed together. It is a rather tedius job...I still haven't started any pages for PSL either - need to get on that...and worst of all...I have a thousand ideas running around in my head for some crafting/card making projects and I am dying to sit down and materialize the thoughts...I was going to play hookie from work today - but it sounds like hubby was too excited about that idea and wanted to take me place...uhhhh yehhhhh didn't sound like that was going to help me get any work done...soooo neva mind....

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