Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun Lady....ME?

So anyone here watch Seinfeld religiously?  Anyone remember the episode where Elaine goes to the doctor and they write in her file that she is difficult?

Soooo this is a little along those lines...see I went to get my hair permed today and I go to the local Hair School for all my perms.  Well they keep lil cards on file about your past perms - so they can know what to do for future perms, right? 

 Well she had my cards sitting there and it says my name, what color of perm rods for what sections of my hair, the style of my perm, time for how long the solution is on the hair, etc...and then at the lower section it says *results:  Nice curl, Fun Lady*  FUN LADY...hahahahah.... that is funny to me, cuz I don't think I am *fun enough* that someone would actually WRITE it down...especially when dead sober & bored stiff after 5 freakin' hours at the Hair school...

And then LADY - really am I THAT old - that people (upper teens/young adults) would really call me LADY?  hahahahaha I still just don't feel as old as I am apparently becoming!!!

ok welp that is my blurp for the day - bed time for this "young at heart" lady!!

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