Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Plastic Envelope pocket/Journal

This project was rather unique. We did this at a class at my local scrapbook store - but I chose to use my ClubScrap kit for the papers.

We took a clear platic envelope - I don't remember the size exactly - but roughly 8.5x11 (or larger), we folded it in half and did a bunch of fun things to it - to create basically a journal on one side and a pocket on the other - it ties closed.


  1. cookiefootmama@yahoo.comMarch 26, 2009 at 8:03 PM

    I could so-o-o-o use one of these! And your colors are perfect...for ME, TOO! Do you have instructions?

  2. I am sorry but I don't have the item in hand anymore, so I can type up good enough instructions based on memory...if/when I get it back, I will post instructions.

  3. Is this similar in construction to the little Secret Minder project in the Club Scrap Private Eye Sr kit?

  4. No it is not...this was a fairly complex project - really hard to describe without seeing in person or lots of pics at made - which I made it at a class. There was a large pocket in it and a notepad/journal side, very unique project.



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