Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project Tutorial - Rainbow Butterfly Wall Art

Ohhhh I am so happy with how this turned out...I never really know how something I have envisioned in my head will turn out in real life, so I am always thrilled when it is pretty close to what I had imagined.

Cardstock (a rainbow of colors)
Butterfly stamps (3 sizes - ClubScrap)
Black ink
Pop dots
dye ink pads
Wall frame


1. Choose 12 colors of cardstock varying from pinks, reds, yellow, oranges, greens, and blues in the colors of the rainbow.

2. Rubberstamp 12 large “Butterfly” (ClubScrap) stamps, 12 medium “Butterfly” (ClubScrap) stamps, and 12 small “Butterfly” (ClubScrap) stamps, one each onto the 12 colors of cardstocks in black ink.

3. Trim out the 36 butterflies.

4. Ink the edges (with complimentary colors of ink pads) of butterflies with a sponge.

5. Using a bone folder, score two lines on each butterfly along the ‘body’ of the butterfly. Slightly bend the ‘wings’ up.

6. Add pop dots to the body of the butterflies. I used either 1, 2, or 3 dots stacked on top of one another to give multiple layers of depth on the artwork.

7. Take frame, remove glass and adhere a black piece of cardstock to the frame backing.

8. Add the butterflies, attaching to the background black cardstock, as shown.

9. Embellish the butterflies with stickles. Let dry.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial - if you do, please leave me a comment - it helps me knowing that people are reading these tutorials and want to see more!!

Thanks for stopping by! Deb


  1. Oh, Deb, This is spectacular! Thanks for sharing this awesome project!

  2. Deb...this is absolutely AMAZING.

  3. Thanks Tricia!!! Appreciate your kind words!!!

  4. Thank you Ron - glad you enjoy the project!!!

  5. WOW! This is beautiful; elegant and classy. Thanks for your easy-to-follow tutorial and the great idea. Teri "Terrific"

  6. Holy MOLY-I LOVE this. There is a shop in San Juan that does this with real butterflies, and while beautiful I always thought it was pretty cruel-in turn this is PERFECT!

  7. How did you cut those out? It looks sooooo perfect!

  8. I cut these lil butterflies out with my lil was a lot of cutting...makes me wish I had a cri-cut...hahahaha but such is life!!



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