Monday, March 9, 2009

"Leprechaun Hat" Trap

Well we had fun today. See a few years back my eldest son made a Leprechaun Trap that we continually use year after year. This year my youngest son saw a picture of a Leprechaun Trap in the Family Fun magazine while hangin' at the doctors office and so we set out to let him make a similar one today!!

This is how it turned out! Pretty cute. The base is a Oatmeal box covered in felt with hot glue gun - the top is just a piece of felt, so when the "leprechaun" steps onto it to grab the piece of gold...he'll fall in and get stuck!! hahahahaha - decorated with foam diecuts, $ confetti, and plastic 'gold' coins!!

I ended up using my Sizzix "heart" die to cut the leaves for the 'clover' since I really didn't wanna cut them badboys out by hand!

And since it dropped another 6 or so inches of snow and I could go rummage up a real sticks for the ladder - I had a bamboo placemat (that I bought at the dollar store sometime ago for crafting cards) that I cut up and made the ladder outta - worked fairly nicely I think.

Our leprechaun usually ends up leaving 'something' behind each year...and usually a small gift - like a year he accidently left his coat (found at scrapbook store - one of them Jolee's 3D embellishments), one year he left his hat, another year a small pot of gold, another year a small mug....gee what is he going to leave this year??? hahahahah welp I can already tell ya...cuz I sewed it up on Friday is a tiny sleeping bag, all rolled up and tied...I know I know - I am a nut...but it is so much fun to watch the kids react!! especially with the lil green foot prints all over the kitchen - turning the milk green - etc!!

Welp just had to share!!

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