Monday, April 20, 2009

Project Tutorial - "Flair"

Ok soooo not sure if I mentioned it or not...but I am going on a CRUISE!!!! Yes in just a short 2 week period I will be gone south to the warmth and bright skies of Florida and then the fabulous Caribbean area!!

I am going to be hanging with my most favorite gang from CLUB SCRAP...yes they are the bestest gals ever!! It is their 10 year anniversary and to celebrate we are crusin' up a storm.

We are going to be in various ports 5 of the days but the two all day at sea days - will be scrapbooking workshops put on by the fabulous gals at ClubScrap - they really do have the BEST workshops. Those gals are beyond amazing and what they share with the rest of us!!

Soooo anyways, as part of the cruise - we are suppose to create "Flair" to exchange with other gals. Flair, by their definition, is a small 1x1 inch piece of artwork, signed on the back, that is adhered to a pin, that you can wear. So in that spirit, I went to work, and this is what I came up with.

Supply list:

Modge Podge
Bottle caps
Glossy accents
Large & Small beads
Pin backs

Ok so I will post the instructions over the next couple of days. I have to go get packin' for that cruise!!!

Thanks for stopping by....DebDuzScrappin'

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