Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cards - 3D PopUp Card

The same steps are taken for each base of the cards in this batch of examples:

1. Starting with the inside of the card, cut a piece of cardstock the size you desire. Then cut a second piece of card stock (in a complimentary color) for the outside of the card, cut this piece about 1/4” longer and wider than the inside piece.
2. Fold both pieces of cardstock in half, same direction, so that the one piece fits nicely inside the other. Now you will have an ‘outside’ piece and an ‘inside’ piece. Set the outside piece aside until step 13.
3. If desired, take the “inside” piece of cardstock, rubberstamp an image repeatedly around the outside edge (this will be viewable inside the final card). Once done, keep this side to the inside of the card and go to next step.
4. Using your ruler – this measurement can vary to some degree, but I usually pick between ¾” and 1 ½” – once you pick your measurement to use – use it repeated for all measurements. For this description I will use 1 inch measurements. Take your inside folded cardstock, fold so that the pencil marks you make with be on the ‘wrong’ side (the side that won’t show). You will make 6 measurements, two from the fold line, two from the left side, and two from the right side – each 1” apart as shown:
5. Once marked, use your scissors and cut a single line in 1” from the fold line as shown in red:
6. Score a line between the ends of the two cuts using a bone folder, as shown in red:

7. Open card and push the center folded edge into the inside of the card, use bone folder reinforce fold:
8. Cut ¾” up from new fold lines – through all four thicknesses of cardstock, along red lines as shown:
9. Score line as shown on both sides, fold up and reinforce fold with bone folder.
10. Open the card up and fold both of the new flaps to the inside and reinforce with bone folder.

11. Now you can just have fun and cut small slits (in sets of 2) in various locations to add more steps here and there, wherever you like, they can be short or tall (just not taller than the original center cuts), they can be wide or fat, here are some sample locations (cut on red, fold on solid black):

12. After you cut on the extra little flaps, fold, reinforce folds, then fold to the inside, and reinforce folds.
13. Once you have it all the way you want, adhere this cut ‘inside’ piece to the other ‘outside’ piece of cardstock. Carefully apply modge podge using a foam brush, to all the area of one side of the cut up ‘inside’ piece, being caution not to get it on any of the flaps or anywhere else. Insert this glue-covered ‘inside’ side - to one side (inside) the ‘outside’ of the card, carefully lining up the center fold line of both pieces. Then apply modge podge to the other side of the ‘inside’ piece and adhere to the other half of the ‘outside’ cardstock. Let dry.
14. Now you can embellish cards with rubberstamped (and cutout) images. You can also use popdots to further increase the depth and 3D look of some of the images if desired.

I made these a while back - just now getting around to posting them. They are great 3D pop-up cards.

Debbie Weller

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