Monday, April 6, 2009

Cards - Stitched Blossoms - Purple

Stitched Blossoms

Here is the list of supplies needed:
• Cardstock
• Rubberstamps
• Ink
• Scissors
• Stickles
• Blossoms
• Ribbon, Fibers

The same basic steps are taken for each of the cards in this batch of examples:
1. Start by picking out 3 different cardstocks that all compliment one another in a certain color family (i.e. reds, yellows, blues, etc).
2. Cut or tear the edges of the 3 cardstocks so that there is one large one (roughly 4x5.25in), a medium one (roughly 3.5x5) and a small one (roughly 3x4).
3. Ink all the edges with complimentary ink color.
4. Adhere the 3 cardstocks together, laying them in different angles, tilting them to the left and right.
5. Adhere the blossom to the card.
6. Rubberstamp images onto cardstock as desired, or add small pieces of cardstock with images in various spots.
7. Poke a hole through the center of the blossom and all 3 pieces of cardstock. Stitch the blossom on going around all the cardstock layers and through the center of the flower, at least 4 times, more if looks good.
8. Using stickles in complimentary colors – embellish the cards. Let dry.
9. Adhere the card front to the card back.

Used patterned paper (Club Scrap) for card backing. Used three shades of purple cardstock for card front base. Embellish with purple stickles and a single purple button (in the center of the flower). Purple blossoms stitched on with purple fibers. Finished card measures 4.25in x 5.5in.

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