Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kids: Overcoming Spring Break boredom!!! Rainbow Tyme!

Rainbow Suncatcher!!!

Yes I am still on my rainbow kick!!! Sorry - hopefully it will run its course with me before too long!!

So in order to keep the kiddos busy over Spring Break, this is one of the projects I saw online at 5 Orange Potatoes Blog (she has all the instructions over there) and was excited to have the boys do as "Teacher Appreciation" gifts...I know we have a few weeks before then, but never too soon to get it done if you ask me.

It is a very simple project. All you really need is:

Wagon Wheel pasta noodles
Drops of food coloring
Rubbing Alcohol (or I think you can use vinegar too)
ziplock baggies

It really is a two day project. The first day you need to color the pasta and layout to dry. The second day you can create your Rainbow Suncatcher.

I used a transparency as the background working surface, so that when we cut the final dried rainbows out - you hopefully won't really see the transparency and you can hand this lovely project in your window!!

All I did was add a splash of rubbing alcohol and some drops (add a few, then more, depending on how dark you want your colors) to the pasta in a ziplock baggy. Zip it closed and shake it up distributing the colors throughout. Lay these pasta pieces out on some wax paper to dry overnight.

The next day, you can use a washable marker on the one side of the transparency to draw an outline of your rainbow to follow as a pattern, but flip it over and do the gluing on the opposite side, then flip it back over and wash the marker off when you are done.

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